Lead Liaison Weighs in on How to Run a Webinar using Marketing Automation

How to Run a Webinar

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In their newest publication, How to Run a Webinar, Lead Liaison dives into the details to spell out what it will take to make your webinar project the best it can be. The cloud-based sales and marketing automation solution is a trusted partner to B2B companies worldwide. Recently, they’ve teamed up with Lumen21, a provider of compliant cloud computing, to execute a webinar.

“It was so awesome working with Lead Liaison on our first webinar. Their software allowed us to basically templatize the entire webinar process from invite, to reminders, to follow up. Our team really loved being able to create all the pieces of the webinar that matched our branding. Emails, forms, landing pages, and automations were all used to pull it off. We added $660,000 into our sales pipeline from the webinar and are already planning our next event with Lead Liaison. The next one will be even easier now that the process is already setup!” – Jim Westrom, Sales Manager at Lumen21

Once a company has decided to put on a webinar, there has already been a lot of thought put into the content itself. The need for education on a certain topic pertaining to an industry is there and  offering up that information in a webinar format is increasing in popularity. But there’s a lot more that is involved in getting set up for successful execution.

Preparation – the Invitation and Registration Process

Preparation is key. This report shares proven tips and recommendations that will help determine who to include on the invitation list. As a leader in the marketing automation space, Lead Liaison’s Marketing Automation software can helps determine who to invite by segmenting a database using lists, demographics, behaviors, and other types of criteria. The publication teaches people how to automate the invitation & registration processes, providing sample automations to prevent missing a beat.


It’s important to follow up with attendees and no-shows once the event is over. Lead Liaison provides perspective into communications that they’ve seen be successful in the past. Recommendations such as sending a link to a recording of the webinar out to those who attended and who were not able to attend, which takes users to a landing page that can not only monitor who watched the video, but also how much of the video they watched.

Make the Most Out of Your Efforts

Once a roadmap for webinar success has been built, use that model over and over again. When companies build their webinar processes within a marketing automation platform, they can use it countless times. How to Run a Webinar also provides ideas on how to syndicate content to make the most out of marketing investments. Ideas like creating Trackable Content with a white paper, or putting together an informational kit.

This publication is one of many extremely valuable resources offered by Lead Liaison. Visit their Resources page to find more.

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