Lead Liaison Improves Lead Management Process

Allen, TX (PRWEB) February 1, 2013 – Lead Liaison, a leader in B2B revenue generation, has released a free service level agreement (SLA) in an effort to improve lead management effectiveness for small to large companies. The agreement is available as a free download on the company website, www.LeadLiaision.com, to customers and other interested businesses who are seeking to improve their lead management process.

The purpose of the service level agreement is to establish a common understanding between the sales and marketing departments. The document lays the groundwork for how leads are classified and what the optimal lead profile should look like. More importantly, it defines how companies will manage their lead flow.

Lead Liaison has been instrumental in helping small to medium-sized businesses align their sales and marketing teams to enhance lead management effectiveness through its flagship product, the Lead Management Automation™ platform, and other lead management software programs.

The service level agreement is a Microsoft Word document that can be easily updated or modified to fit specific company requirements. It provides the framework for differentiating between a marketing-qualified lead (MQL) and a sales-qualified lead (SQL). The SLA requires signatures from department heads in both sales and marketing in order to cement a common understanding and set of expectations.

The concept of a service level agreement, to use a sports analogy, is to be a playbook that the two teams can use when they “huddle” before executing their responsibilities. Lead Liaison recommends reviewing the SLA every 3-6 months in order to maintain a current understanding between the two teams.

The primary issue, according to company executives, is that many small and large businesses do not have a well-structured and documented way to manage leads, and there is a lack of communication between marketing and sales departments. Marketing typically makes the rules about what activities generate sales-ready leads, and the sales department focuses only on sales conversions without providing input on ways to improve lead transition from marketing to sales.

The agreement can improve the lead management process through official documentation that encourages team members to work together to achieve greater sales effectiveness. A better lead management process can have a direct impact on the strength of a company’s pipeline and yield higher revenue results.

The agreement contains a purpose, definitions (such as a Universal Lead Definition), and thresholds that determine when a lead is considered sales-qualified. Industry statistics show 80% of all leads passed to sales departments are unqualified; with the SLA, a company can document and build a lead scoring model with input from both marketing and sales personnel.

There are sections that define and explain how inbound marketing will be executed, along with key sales and marketing metrics that must be followed. Users are also able to set defined goals and objectives that both departments must achieve. For more information visit www.LeadLiaison.com or call 888 895 3237.


Lead Liaison is an application development company that designs, develops, and sells cloud-based marketing and sales automation software. The company markets to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, and focuses on creating the broadest and most user-friendly revenue generation software platform. Applications cover all phases of lead management automation including sales prospecting, lead generation, and marketing automation functions that directly influence revenue generation. It’s innovative and robust lead management platform combines unparalleled sales prospecting, lead capture, real-time lead tracking, lead qualification, lead distribution, database segmentation, lead nurturing and ROI reporting. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model delivers an effective user experience and integrated cloud computing capabilities.

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