Automated Patient Health Surveillance Provider Snap40 Selects Lead Liaison to Power Their Marketing Automation

Allen, TX – Lead Liaison, a provider in cloud-based sales and marketing solutions, announced this week that UK-based health surveillance provider snap40 selected Lead Liaison’s platform to power their marketing automation.

Snap40 is headquartered in Scotland with offices expanding into the United States. They are ambitious about building a global company, meeting the needs of patients around the world.

Snap40 received funding and a great deal of support from The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) over the last year, allowing them to expand their staff locally and internationally. This expansion resulted in an even greater need to streamline and organize their marketing and sales efforts. They needed a solution to help them in several key areas. They wanted more support for their prospecting process and their outreach to new accounts. They also wanted to increase engagement, capture interest, and nurture prospects based on those interests.

Snap40 found their solution in Lead Liaison. They were drawn to the marketing automation platform because of Lead Liaison’s reputation for supporting their clients. “It’s been super impressive,” says CEO and Co-Founder of snap40, Christopher McCann. “There has not been a time when we needed something and [their team] hasn’t delivered.” McCann made a concerted effort to point out that the Lead Liaison onboarding team even reached out to him when they saw improvements that could be made to their process.

It’s not just the support that attracted snap40 to Lead Liaison. They were also impressed by the level of innovation that Lead Liaison offers. “If we have a feature request, with other companies, it’s politely received. In our case with Lead Liaison, these requests are coming to fruition,” says McCann.

Snap40 just completed their onboarding with Lead Liaison. Unlike similar solutions, Lead Liaison offers an in-depth, hands on approach to onboarding. Their team aligns from the very beginning to ensure that their clients start off on the right foot. Each client is assigned a Team Lead, who serves as the client’s advocate during the lifetime of their relationship with Lead Liaison. In addition to the Team Lead, Lead Liaison provides a Solutions Specialist to help train each client during the onboarding period. These offerings are part of Lead Liaison’s Quickstart onboarding package. After the onboarding period, which usually lasts three months, Lead Liaison’s world renowned Support is available 24/7.

The health surveillance provider is a huge advocate of one of Lead Liaison’s most unique capabilities: handwritten letters. Snap40 implemented the use of handwritten letters immediately. “People don’t expect it,” says McCann. “We are communicating with a conservative market. [Handwritten letters] are not often used, so it really catches their attention. That’s all we really wanted. We wanted to raise the level of awareness for our company. This is a very physical way of interacting with a prospect – giving them something they can hold in their hand.”

“We wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t so easy,” McCann explains. “We have limited resources and don’t have the time to write it ourselves.” Snap40 recently had a prospect reach out to them because they received a handwritten letter – something many companies only dream of happening. In the last three months alone, they’ve sent nearly 1,000  handwritten letters. Lead Liaison has saved the company enormous amounts of time, and increased the level of high-touch communication with their prospects. McCann goes on, “We also wanted to send a flyer along with the letter. Lead Liaison added the capability to add a flyer. The fact that our prospect can hold something physical in their hand creates more awareness.” Fliers are being distributed along with the handwritten letter, with different versions for the US and UK. Snap40 has plans for several hundred more letters as they continue to capitalize on the opportunity to be unique in their market.

About Lead Liaison
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