Why Prospect Management is Impossible Using Google Analytics

Why Prospect Management is Impossible Using Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics has long been a useful tool for webmasters to monitor website traffic. But GA is not an effective prospect management tool. While it breaks down traffic sources, visitor activities, and conversion rates, Google Analytics doesn’t provide the functionality required to be useful tool for B to B marketers to manage leads.

Prospect management is at the heart of most business-to-business marketing automation practices. Google Analytics only provides part of the story. To effectively manage prospects, marketers must rely on more robust data sets and integrated engagement mechanisms. If your sales cycle lasts more than a single website visit, you need marketing automation to manage prospects as they move through the sales pipeline.

Here are a few ways in which our Lead Management Automation™ is a more effective prospect management to for B to B marketers:

  1. Automatically tracks leads that have engaged with your brand, whether it’s through a submitted web form, survey response, social post, or other digital asset
  2. Links IP addresses with business intelligence generated from Dun and Bradstreet and/or Hoover’s
  3. Assigns a lead score and grade based upon business intelligence and visitor activity
  4. LMA users can schedule digital engagements while viewing expanded lead information
  5. Segments visitors by industry, location, size, and other criteria
  6. Users can adjust messaging, asset delivery, and offers within the user interface
  7. Website traffic can be filtered through a robust set of parameters
  8. Visitor activity is grouped together to provide a holistic view of a prospect’s online behaviors
  9. Users can see organic search terms used to find your site
  10. A chat feature can be enabled to provide instant engagement with a website visitor
  11. While GA provides alerts pertaining to traffic anomalies, the LMA alerts users about who is on your site
  12. Google Analytics is not concerned with optimizing your marketing and sales practices. The interface is provided to display general traffic information so users might spend more on advertising rather than improve marketing and sales practices

While GA provides robust traffic intelligence, you can see why prospect management for B to B marketers should be conducted through a marketing automation platform like our Lead Management Automation solution. For more information, contact a Revenue Generation Specialist today.