Marketing and Sales Process: Web Chat Automation

Marketing and Sales Process: Web Chat AutomationIf you’re interested in engaging with users as part of your marketing and sales process, direct engagement from your website is a good way to do it using web chat automation. Users tend to have mixed experiences and reactions when it comes to web chat utilities, but for some, the ability to talk to someone right away without picking up the phone is a bonus. Giving customers the ability to choose whether or not they want to react with you is an important way of recognizing whether a web chat utility is a good option for your site.

Tracking Your Web Chat

Most full-featured web chat services have some type of analytics involved. You should be able to log into a centralized web chat dashboard to see a user’s history with you, their return rate and their activity on your site. Some of your users could be one-hit wonders – landing on your site once, never to return again – but it’s those return visitors you need to be paying attention to. If they’re coming back as prospects again and again, they want to be communicated with. Even if they don’t engage in web chat, they should be followed up with.

When you use marketing automation systems, you have the ability to integrate your web analytics in one. When a user hits your website multiple times and you’re able to see them coming back, you’ll be able to customize your greeting message and your reach-out to the potential customer. If your sales team has been in contact as a normal part of your marketing and sales process, automated marketing tools allow you to pull up that history, know where a potential lead is segmented and communicate with them appropriately. The right solution will be streamlined from start to finish.

Marketing and Sales Process for Webchat

Web chat is a great way to customize your responses to returning customers. When marketing automation allows you to segment customers and tailor your sales pitch to their individual experiences, you’re more likely to make a sale.

What happens when customers aren’t using your webchat? You may not need a fully-trained, full time person on webchat, but if customers aren’t using it, you don’t have to staff the chat 24 hours a day. Ask clients to leave a message with the chat – and if you’re using a system like Lead Liaison, the ‘away’ message will go to the client, while his or her query or information enters the system automatically. From there, simply follow up with the customer asap. Piece of cake!

If you’d like to see further engagement, try modifying the look and feel of your chat on your site or add specific greeting or away messages that may better suit the lead’s needs. Test out these different messages and ensure you are keeping track of those tests on your back end – or let automated marketing services do it for you!

Your marketing and sales process is integral to getting the right clients in the door. Let Lead Liaison help you track, automate and reach out to your target client with savvy webchat, email segmentation and advanced analytics tracking systems.