Lead Liaison to Offer Text Messaging Automation

Automated text messaging via Twilio technology creates new possibilities for responsive marketing.

Allen, TX (PRWEB) June 03, 2014 – Lead Liaison, a sales and marketing automation solutions company, announces the inception of its text messaging feature technology via Twilio solutions. Current customers now have the power of texting technology available via Lead Liaison’s drag and drop interface, further positioning the company as the easiest to use solution in the industry.

Twilio is a flexible communications platform that allows users to text in bulk. Texts can be scheduled from within Lead Liaison to segmented lists with specific messaging specified by the end user, personalizing each text message using Lead Liaison tokens. This allows the sender to send marketing messaging based on a desired outcome such as further sales, re-engaging with the company or taking advantage of a specific offer.

The addition of text messaging strengthens Lead Liaison’s multi-channel marketing capability, giving users the ability to send targeted texts along with direct mail (postcards), email and promotional marketing items – deepening their offering around online and offline marketing. The service is intended to be flexible and to add value to current marketing automation properties.

Lead Liaison VP of Customer Success, Alan Page, spoke Monday on the benefits of utilizing text technology: “We’re excited to integrate another marketing channel for our customers. Text messages are like no other marketing method. Instead of traditional broadcast marketing facilities like email, text messaging is a form of narrowcast marketing. People check their cell phones 150 times per day on average. With 98% of all text messages being opened – you can bet our customers messages will get read. When used for very narrow, targeted marketing it’s highly effectively. The good news is that Lead Liaison enables companies to target their customers in a microscopic way, using demographics, social and behavioral information to pair down their audience.”

About Lead Liaison:

Lead Liaison provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions that help businesses worldwide attract, convert, and close leads. The company markets to small to mid-sized businesses and focuses on providing a user-friendly and innovative Revenue Generation Software® platform. Their software delivers powerful solutions that accelerate sales, improve efficiency and build stronger relationships with prospects, customers and partners through the use of automated processes.

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The Value of Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing is the Way to GoIn today’s marketplace, it’s essential to reach as many customers and prospects as possible. The best way to communicate with your target audience is with multi-channel marketing. Using just one marketing method – such as email – is no longer enough to remain competitive. The various marketing channels all offer unique advantages for promoting your company. By creating an integrated marketing plan, you ensure your company’s survival and profitability. Forrester Research reports that 86% of marketers understand that multi-channel marketing is essential for long-term growth. It’s important to understand the value of multi-channel marketing.

Email Campaigns

Marketing with email is still a viable and inexpensive option. With email you can send out useful information to targeted customers on your lists. You can also easily split test your emails to find the one that offers the highest return on investment. Express Pigeon reports that email marketing brings in a 4,300 percent ROI.

Print Media

Although many companies market online, it’s still a good idea to promote your business offline as well. Sending out print brochures, postcards, flyers, and other printed materials are a good way to generate new leads and bring potential customers to your website.

Promotional Items

Branding is another important method for selling your products or services. With a company name and logo on promotional items such as pens, calendars, note pads, and magnets, you can spread the word about your business by giving something useful away for free.

Direct Mail

For many, sending out direct mail pieces to a targeted audience is still an effective method of lead generation. Although it is more expensive than other methods, your letter is more likely to be opened and read, especially with fewer companies utilizing direct mail today.

Text Messaging

Mobile marketing is on the rise with around 98% of text messages read within a few minutes, reports By using text messages, you can communicate and interact with potential customers while increasing brand awareness. It’s no longer enough just to use email. To compete in the business world today, a company has to utilize a host of marketing strategies. The strategies should all work together, and compliment each other, to send out a unified message. By creating an integrated marketing approach via multiple channels, you boost your company’s success in a global marketplace.

Marketing Automation Upstart Lead Liaison to Partner with Direct Mail Manager

New Partnership Yields More Powerful Direct Mail Marketing Options as Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Marketing becomes More Important

Allen, TX – Lead Liaison to partner with Direct Mail Manager. Lead Liaison, a privately held provider of marketing automation solutions, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Direct Mail Manager, a direct mail marketing and handling company. Lead Liaison provides small to mid-sized businesses with marketing automation capabilities with easy-to-use software, while Direct Mail Marketing creates intelligent promotional mail solutions for businesses.

Direct Mail Manager adds new functionality to Lead Liaison’s Revenue Generation Software® that allows customers to take their marketing efforts offline. With this enhancement, customers can use Lead Liaison to send direct mail pieces to targeted audiences in addition to email and text messages. Marketers can pinpoint a subset of their database based on demographics, behavioral and social characteristics for highly personalized and relevant multi-channel marketing.

This flexibility allows Lead Liaison to join industry giants as a true multi-channel marketing solution for B2C and B2B companies of all sizes and industries.

Regarding the recent partnership, Direct Mail Marketing CTO, Adam White  said, “By partnering with Lead Liaison, we enable businesses to automate and capture more customers with less work. Email has traditionally been the tool of choice for marketing automation. With the extremely targeted direct mail tools we offer being added to the marketing mix, we see customers getting ROI results that exceed email and traditional direct mail programs. In a world of electronic marketing, the tactile experience between company and customer with a postcard is difficult to ignore.”

VP of Customer Success, Alan Page, added, “We’re using this service ourselves – we created a QR code that goes out on postcards to qualified prospects that receive one of our personal demonstrations. The QR code takes the prospect back to one of our landing pages where we’re able to track online activity and alert sales when the prospect takes action. We’re combining direct mail with email and text messaging to showcase our multi-channel capability and give prospective clients a vision for what they can achieve. Our return on follow-ups from these postcards has been stellar thus far. We look forward to helping other companies achieve similar results and are already rolling this out with a home maintenance company. We’re in discussions with a handful of B2B companies that provide high-value solutions and recognize the importance of direct mail as another entry point to build stronger ties with customers and prospects.”

Lead Liaison’s direct mail services are currently in place and ready for subscribing customers to deploy. For more information, please visit the Direct Mail marketing section or see this blog post on direct mail with marketing automation. For an explainer video on an easy-to-use marketing automation platform check out the homepage.

About Postcard Services:

Since 2003 Postcard Services, a direct mailer and software development company, has been dedicated to creating tools that empower businesses of all sizes to create quality direct mail programs, without the expense of hiring multiple agencies.  The company’s retail division serves over 72,000 customers nationwide via its websites:,, and  The corporate division provides an array of automated private label and other solutions for franchises, contact/call centers, and businesses with repeat direct mail needs.

About Lead Liaison:

Lead Liaison provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions that help businesses worldwide attract, convert and close leads. The company markets to small to mid-sized businesses and focuses on providing a user-friendly and innovative Revenue Generation Software® platform. Their software delivers powerful solutions that accelerate sales, improve efficiency and build stronger relationships with prospects, customers and partners through the use of automation.

Press inquiries: Amber Turrill, VP of Corporate Communications


Phone: 888.895.3237

Increase Lead Engagement through Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Increase Lead Engagement through Multi-Channel Marketing CampaignsEngaging leads takes time. To get your lead truly engaged and ready to take action, it usually takes a few touches through a few different channels before you gain their trust. Engaging your leads and keeping up with their preferences doesn’t have to be a confusing, timely chore. Having a marketing automation plan in terms of implementing multi-channel marketing campaigns simplifies the process of contacting leads and increasing lead engagement. It also ensures your leads are receiving your messages in the most convenient way possible. In the long run, this means the chances of gaining your leads’ trust increases, which places you closer to closing the sale.

Manage Multi-Channel Marketing Automatically

Using marketing automation to track, score and nurture prospects makes it a walk in the park to understand your leads’ needs. No more manually entering information into your CRM, no more room for human error when in comes to following-up and researching. The brilliant thing about automating your marketing practices is that you can add additional channels and manage all of them in the same place. Text messaging allows for direct and convenient communication and, according to recent polls, most texts are opened by the recipient within minutes. Lead Liaison has just announced the Multi-Channel Marketing capabilities that allow you to engage leads in brand new ways and cover all the bases.

Using SMS

The engagement rates of SMS marketing blow the others out of the water when compared with email marketing and social media posts. The reasons for this jump in recipient activity may be for several different reasons, the first being convenience of reception. Your smartphone is either in your hands, on your desk, in your pocket, or in your purse—never too far from reach. You’ll probably even get an instant notification of the new message with a preview of the text, which is a foot in the door, especially if the message is a discounted offer or deal that you’re offering in exchange for immediate action.

Direct Mail

Despite recent research and polls, SMS isn’t for everybody. That’s why it’s important to utilize multi-channel campaigns and engage your leads when and where they’re ready to receive your messages. On the other end of the spectrum, Lead Liaison has also introduced the direct mail channel. While SMS channels lead in engagement rates, direct mail campaigns are champion when it comes to new customer acquisition (read: multi-channel marketing = success).

At less than $1 per card, you have complete control over what’s sent to your leads. To emphasize all the channels of communication and marketing available, you even have the ability to add a QR code to the card that sends your lead straight to a landing page and right to your next call-to-action. Direct mail plus website visits brings you closer to the goal.

Every lead behaves differently, and that’s where your lead nurturing and tracking practices come in handy. Increasing lead engagement starts with understanding your leads’ needs and how they like to receive their information. The next step—personalizing not only the method of communication, but the message you’re sending as well.

How to Send SMS Messages with Marketing Automation

How to Send SMS Messages with Marketing AutomationLead Liaison is genuinely enthused about our ability to offer our customers automated, personalized and measurable multi-channel marketing capabilities. Like you, we were asking ourselves how to send SMS messages with marketing automation. Well, since our Revenue Generation Software™ helps customers deliver marketing automation strategies it’s a no brainer to plug-in the ability to send text messages directly into our platform. In addition to SMS messages, Lead Liaison’s platform can also deliver direct mail, email and voice calls as part of a comprehensive suite of actions.

Adding SMS marketing was fun and easy. We used a few components to pull the integration together, Twilio, Webhooks and our automated processes. Here are the steps we took:

  1. Opened our Twilio account, created a SMS phone number and funded the account with $20.00 (10 minutes)
  2. Created a Webhook call in Lead Liaison (3 minutes)
  3. Setup an automation to send text messages through our marketing automation, triggered off certain criteria/events (10 minutes)

In 23 minutes we beefed up our multi-channel marketing! The nice thing about this setup is that we configured things once and we were done. We were able to use Lead Liaison’s tokens (merge fields) to insert First Name and Mobile Phone Number into the body of the text message, keeping the content dynamic. We modularized the text message and packaged it up into a Webhook. Then we simply dragged/dropped the SMS call to Twilio into our automated workflow. Bam! No more wondering how to send sms messages with marketing automation, it’s here! See the image attached to this post to see our SMS message delivered by Twilio.