Top Social Media Sites

Top Social Media SitesAs part of any social media strategy it’s important to identify which social media outlets to target. We recently ran a study of the top social media sites in the world and we thought we’d share them with you. Rankings are based off of Alexa ratings. We’ve highlighted our top social media sites that every B2B marketer should participate in below.

Top social media sites

Ranked by Alexa rating as of 2011

Num Website Alexa Category
1 3 Videos
2 9 General
3 17 General
4 31 Images
5 113 Cool Content
6 136 General
7 140 General
8 199 Articles
9 244 General
10 285 Videos
11 901 Blogging
12 2,265 General

We’ll be updating this post shortly when we add a new feature to our solution to help track ROI from social media. We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. What are your top social media sites?

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