Tools of the Trade: Evernote

In the busy world we live in, we all have our secrets to being more productive and more organized. Technology lends itself to creating more solutions. Lead Liaison is one of those solutions, and we have clients all over the globe that agree! But we didn’t get here by using outdated resources. Here at Lead Liaison, we’ve got several “tools of the trade” that help us be the best that we can be. In this series, we will talk about some of the online tools that we use to be more effective in our day. In today’s post, we’ll talk about Evernote.


What is Evernote?

Evernote is a “project management tool”. Essentially, it’s a tool used to take, organize, and store notes. Evernote can be downloaded to your computer, accessed by a browser, and even has iOS and Android apps.


Evernote allows users to organize their Notes within Notebooks. I use their Search function a lot, because I take TONS of notes! Using the Search function gets me to where I need to be quickly. And that’s important when I’m trying to jot something down before I forget it. The interface is so simple, yet beautiful. It’s not complicated or overwhelming. They offer the same text capabilities as any other document interface (formatting options, bullet points or number lists, linking, etc.). Users have the ability to upload PDFs or other documents to their notes, as well as connect Evernote to Google Drive for linking relevant projects. It also has browser extensions that allow you to save a web page, in its entirety, with just one click.

How Do We Use It?

Professionally, I have notebooks for partnerships, vendors, marketing campaigns, internal meetings, how-to’s and useful videos/articles (I use the Web Clipper for this one). Within those notebooks, I have a note for each item. Within that note, I track updates. For example, if I have a call with Vendor A, I’ll search for that vendor’s name before I hop on the call. The search function will take me to the specific Vendor A note, which is organized in my “Vendor” notebook. Within my note, I’ll record the date and purpose of the call, and then use the bullet-point function to keep track of our conversation.

I take all meeting notes in Evernote, as well, so that I can easily reference them later. Whenever we have a new Feature Release, I’ll take notes in Evernote of the internal unveiling so I can easily relay the information to my clients without forgetting key points.

Personally, I use it for journaling, recipes, and keeping track of important phone calls, account information, or notes from pediatrician appointments.


Their basic package is fantastic, and it’s free! It allows up to 60MB of new data per month, and will sync across two devices (computer and phone). It’s everything you need to get started, and might even be enough to sustain you. I take notes every day, and I haven’t run into a problem yet. It’s everything that I need.

They’ve got two paid plans, Plus ($35/year) and Premium ($70/year). Those offer many more capabilities, like email forwarding, text search for PDFs or Microsoft Office documents, and customer support. They’ve also got a Business plan, and companies like CareerBuilder use it as their company standard. Evernote is our company standard as well, but as I mentioned earlier, the basic package is powerful enough for our needs. Visit Evernote’s Pricing Page for more information on the capabilities of each plan.

Lead Liaison uses relevant and useful tools to help achieve daily tasks. The completion of those daily tasks results in better sales and marketing software solutions for our clients. To find out more about the capabilities that Lead Liaison has to offer, check out our Platform Overview page or request a free demo.