Benefits of Website Visitor Tracking

Benefits of Website Visitor TrackingOkay, so you put a chunk of code on your website that spits out a list of IPs and companies visiting your website. Yeah, what next? You’ve got to put that information to good use, and make it actionable, able to work for you. Let’s take a moment to really understand the benefits of website visitor tracking.

Sales and marketers will benefit from visitor tracking. For sales, don’t think visitor tracking is going to be the savior for your sales team and automatically identify easy-to-close deals. In fact, if you’re using the wrong solution, it could send you off on a wild goose chase. Make sure to pick a solution that gives you the best opportunity to identify people, not buildings. Keep in mind that visitor tracking technology is only a very preliminary step in the demand generation process and should be viewed as a complementary tool to your overall B2B sales process. Sales people can use it in three primary ways:

  1. As a tip. To get pointed in the right direction when companies visit their website.
  2. For sales insight. To know what interests a company/person has after visiting your website.
  3. To time follow up. Knowing when someone is on your website helps sales know exactly when to follow up.

Marketers will benefit from getting key insight into the results of their marketing efforts. For example, they’ll see the lead source of the visitor. Some companies track original lead source (from the very first visit) and some companies identify lead source of the visit. Marketers will also know which social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are performing best, how Pay-Per-Click campaigns are performing, and how their outbound marketing drives business activity on their website. If you don’t understand the benefits of website visitor tracking after reading this, then watch this cool video on visitor tracking which might help.

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