Lead Liaison Announces New User Experience for Marketing Automation

Lead Liaison has announced a simplified version of their user interface giving businesses a “Google Apps-like” experience when setting up marketing automation assets and strategies

Lead Liaison, a software as a service company that helps businesses improve efficiency in sales and marketing operations, announced today a major improvement in user experience with a redesigned user interface. The new user interface builds on Lead Liaison’s industry position as the easiest to use and easiest to buy marketing automation platform. Although the company sees marketing automation as a strategy, not software, and brands their platform as Revenue Generation Software®, it’s feature-rich platform stacks up to other industry leaders delivering only marketing automation. The company expects to accelerate adoption of its platform because of its new, innovative and improved user experience.

The new user experience gives customers a “Google Apps-like” feeling when inside the application, making it easier to navigate. Working with the software is more intuitive than ever. The company has grouped capabilities into four logical areas: create, process, manage and administer. The user experience is also highly configurable and customizable, unlike anything to date in the industry. Other systems, such as Marketo, require full-time admins, or even 3rd parties, to setup and manage the system. Having dedicated resources on these types of systems just inflates total cost of ownership, which reduces the return on marketing automation. With a more intuitive and elegant UI, users will shorten their learning curve, save money and be more satisfied overall.

In a follow on release the company plans to release a tagging feature. Tagging is a modern way to stay organized. By tagging prospects, marketing assets, Lead Liaison Campaigns and Programs and other components in the system companies will be able to more easily locate important items. Combined with their highly configurable, and easy to use software Lead Liaison continues to distance themselves from competitors that move in the opposite direction by overcomplicating the user experience.

About Lead Liaison:

Lead Liaison provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions that help businesses worldwide attract, convert, and close leads. The company markets to small to mid-sized businesses and focuses on providing a user-friendly and innovative Revenue Generation Software® platform. Their software delivers powerful solutions that accelerate sales, improve efficiency and build stronger relationships with prospects, customers and partners through the use of automated processes.

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