Lead Liaison Improves Lead Distribution Capabilities in its Lead Management Automation™ Platform

Allen, TX (PRWEB) June 15, 2013 – Lead Liaison, an emerging innovator in the marketing automation space, has improved its flagship Lead Management Automation platform by optimizing its lead distribution capabilities. The company announced in May a roll out of the enhanced lead distribution functionality, as well several automation improvements, improved analytics, and deeper integration with Saleforce.com.

Lead Liaison has paced its product development according to market demands. Lead distribution has become more important to the SME market the company serves. VP of Communications Alex Brown explained that “within many industries, companies are running leaner since the Great Recession, often deploying lower marketing and sales spend. They are turning to MA for more efficient resource allocation.”

“We recognize the need for lead stream management that provides breakout according to performance, geography, and other parameters,” said Brown. “Our focus has extended beyond how a lead moves through the funnel. It’s just as important to assign leads effectively.”

One company that has leveraged the lead distribution functionality is Telappliant, Ltd., a major telephony and VoIP provider headquartered in London. Marketing manager Tommy Powell has seen improvements in productivity since implementing the system. He said the previous lead distribution process “(was) inefficient, as there was often a time delay between leads arriving and being distributed marketing manager. A member of the marketing team…manually used SFDC to distribute leads to various members of the sales team. This process was time-consuming in terms of human resources.”

“(The platform) has enabled each lead to be instantly and automatically distributed to the salesperson most likely to be able to close it. In addition, the sales team is now working leads more effectively,” said Powell.

Company executives plan to announce additional platform enhancements at another upgrade release later this summer.

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Lead Liaison is an application development company that designs, develops, and sells cloud-based marketing and sales automation software. The company markets to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, and focuses on creating the broadest and most user-friendly revenue generation software platform. Applications cover all phases of lead management automation including sales prospecting, lead generation, and marketing automation functions that directly influence revenue generation. It’s innovative and robust lead management platform combines unparalleled sales prospecting, lead capture, real-time lead tracking, lead qualification, lead distribution, database segmentation, lead nurturing and ROI reporting. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model delivers an effective user experience and integrated cloud computing capabilities.

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