Website Visitor Tracking for New Leads

Website Visitor Tracking for New Leads Website visitor tracking is a useful technology to help your direct and indirect sales channels develop new leads. It is an automated system that records and analyzes all prospects that cross path with your company’s website. It is an extremely efficient way to generate and track new leads online.

Here’s how your sales and marketing team will benefit from using Lead Liaison’s website visitor tracking:

1.       Brand new prospects presented daily through a web portal or desktop application.

There are hundreds or thousands of visitors on your website daily that slip through the cracks. Experts estimate as much as 96% of your website traffic is hidden and never identified. Website visitor tracking ensures no potential lead is missed. It is a completely automated system that guarantees every visitor is captured and accessible.

2.       Marketers gain insight into potential leads that are visiting your website.

Website visitor tracking provides marketers with useful demographic and behavioral characteristics of potential leads, so they can identify those with the greatest potential for conversion. When they pick-up on this info they can put sales on high alert. This can turn new leads into instant customers.

3.      Marketers gain insight into which competitors are checking out your company.

Not only does website visitor tracking provide insight on leads, it will also advise you when competitors are visiting your website. Competitors can gain an endless amount of useful information while visiting your website and it helps to keep a close eye on those businesses that are taking the time to check out your site.

4.      Advises sales when buyers with worthwhile potential are online.

Sales teams can identify companies or individuals as “Favorites” and receive SMS or email alerts when their Favorites go online. This enhances their ability to engage and converse with buyers in real-time while buyers research their options.

5.      Real-time view of prospect`s online behavior.

Website visitor tracking gives your company new leads plus identifies what potential buyers are doing online, as they are doing it. This provides your business with valuable information about who’s visiting your website and what they are interested in at any given moment. Sales will develop a unique competitive advantage by gaining key insight prior to their outreach.

Website visitor tracking for new leads is an essential component of the marketing automation engine that is designed to generate revenue. It brings in new prospects daily, gathers demographic and behavioral insight into prospect and competitors, alerts sales when prospects are surfing, and provides real-time views of their online behaviour.