Understanding the Secrets to Successful B2B Lead Nurturing

Understanding the Secrets to Successful B2B Lead NurturingThe new marketing advantage that businesses use is B2B lead nurturing. B2B lead nurturing is trending because of how effectively it can build relationships, create interest and convert leads into revenue. It is considered to be the most crucial stage in a company’s marketing automation strategy and it has the ability to convert endless solid stream of leads into sales.

These are the secrets to successful B2B lead nurturing that every company needs to consider.

Qualify and Segment Leads First!

If a business has successfully marketed their website, there should be an abundance of potential buyers perusing their website each day. Each buyer has a unique personality, purchasing history, and specific need for their business. Get to know what matters to their business by mapping out a buyer profile (IT, finance, sales, marketing, etc.) and creating content tracks for each buyer profile. Group similar buyers together, so content can be created specifically for each group of potential leads. Use a marketing content map to map content to each buyer persona.

For example, consider a company that sells nails and screws. They might break down their B2B leads into three segments. They will need to create different content directed at companies that need nails and screws, companies that only need nails, and companies that only need screws. There is no point in sending material talking about the necessity of a quality screw, to a business that only purchases nails. That is why qualifying and segmenting is the first step in B2B lead nurturing.

The Right Frequency!

Most buyers are so busy with planning, strategizing, budgeting and their daily paperwork that they don’t have time to read everything that is sent their way. If they feel a potential supplier is bombarding them with new information daily it can quickly become a turn off. B2B lead nurturing articles, tutorials, emails etc. should be sent just often enough to keep them interested without becoming intrusive.

Send Relevant and Beneficial Content!

Think about what that specific lead segments need when creating B2B lead nurturing content. Most buyers are looking for new products and services that will improve efficiency, cut costs, and make them look more valuable to management. All content should start with a title or introduction that specifically addresses how this information will benefit the buyer and ultimately the buyer’s business. It should never reference requests to make a purchase or be created as a way to entice the buyer to commit to a purchase.

For example, the introduction should look like this: “Improve the strength and integrity of any structure by using stainless steel nails.”  Instead of, “Buy stainless steel nails because they are stronger.”  The first one is an example of successful B2B lead nurturing because it focuses on what the lead needs and not on what is being sold.

Remember to keep all B2B lead nurturing efforts straight to the point. The buyer’s time is valuable and it should always be treated that way. B2B lead nurturing is a great way to grow a company, but it has to be directed at the right people, at the right time and with the right information.

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