Best Practices For B2B Lead Nurturing Initiatives Part 2

Best Practices for B2B Lead Nurturing Initiatives Part 2Yesterday we posted Part 1 of our Best Practices For B2B Lead Nurturing Initiatives series. Today’s post is a continuation with Part 2 of Best Practices For B2B Lead Nurturing Initiatives. In this post we’ll discuss lead nurturing initiatives around keeping the door open and avoiding over-campaigning.

Open Doors Before Closing Sales

Perhaps your drip campaigns introduced one particular facet of your company due to higher price value.  In order to correctly nurture your leads, you’ll need to widely open doors which provide insider views of what other products or services are offered by your company.  Not every gathered lead will find fruition in your first offered product or service; make sure all potential possibilities are ‘dripped’ through campaigns before making your pitch to purchase one particular product or another.  B2B leads should never be closed on their first point of contact, either, since both businesses have equal mindsets and know how to pitch each other whereas customers simply need features, benefits and it’s a done deal.

Avoid Overly Serious Campaigning

While your imminent goal is complete product pragmatism, offering somewhat enlightening or playful candor in your sales emails or landing pages will brighten the mood of whatever business representative will make the initial point of contact with your company.  B2B leads hinge on common knowledge that two people will pitch each other unless the lead has needs so severe they’re willing to cut to the immediate chase.  Although rare in form, these leads close quickly, return often and will even bring other businesses under their arms; therefore, it helps to break the ice with some spirited conversation.

In Conclusion

To avoid cantankerous lead nurturing mistakes, make sure you spend the bulk of your effort speaking directly to businesses through landing page creative that clearly outline what you’re offering, how it will benefit the business and how they can reach out to you.  Make every lead received count, slowly dripping campaigns to them which speak fact, not dollar sign.  Finally, keep in mind you’re not trading nuclear warheads or something excessively clandestine; liven otherwise stagnant conversation while keeping your lead completely cared for in all respects of the marketing process.