Most Undervalued Inbound Marketing Strategies Around

Most Undervalued Inbound Marketing Strategies AroundConsistently high ranking websites will often profess hard-core search engine optimization, gleaming content creation and white hat link building techniques will not only assist in perfecting search positioning, it will make your overall internet marketing strategies increase significantly.  There are even more sustainable inbound marketing strategies and tactics, however, that are often overlooked, unused and simply scoffed at when marketing professionals begin their mass campaigning – tactics that can increase other vital areas while obtaining worthwhile targeted leads.   Some of the most undervalued, overlooked and most use-able internet marketing tactics we’ve found to still work wonders are highlighted below.

Facebook Advertisements

Sure, you may not have interests in Zoosk, care about free cellphones or have the desire to play Pawn Stars using numerous Facebook applications.  The Facebook ad system is, by and large, one of the best platforms to get your word out to the masses on a targeted level.  Instead of slapping up your advertisement to the entire Facebook world (terrible for click-thru rates, by the way), you can target your advertisement to those who have verified they like your particular niche.  You can target specific areas, age ranges and even cities.  Having this platform for internet marketing purposes is a gift; hopefully when Facebook’s stock takes off the platform will be left alone since it makes the company literally millions a month.  This platform is perfect for B2B lead generation, too, and for obvious reasons.

Since geo-targeting advertisements means plenty of repetitious ads will be shown, rotating advertisements to refresh your ‘pitch’ or angle will prevent user disinterest while harvesting the traffic you seek.  Selecting mobile B2B users as well as regular computer users will get people on the go.

Emailing Isn’t Dead

Many fear their domain-based emails will soon be moot to the overall marketing scene considering millions of social media users have @Facebook or other social media email addresses to save time while fighting spam.  Fear not, my friends: there will always be millions of old-school internet practices while include emailing friends since attachments haven’t been perfected in other social platforms.  Also, when speaking of email addresses, consider these thoughts:

  1. New TLD’s will soon be added, making .com, .net and .org the most prized possession around.
  2. Hosting companies will always offer, and improve, emailing standards and techniques to accompany domain purchases.
  3. Emails are as valuable as phone numbers; once you have aged contacts who never change their email addresses, you have addresses with value.  Not that you would sell them, right?
  4. Email lists are easier to cross-implement into social media campaigns as you’ll already have contacts to invite, friend or network with.
  5. Email marketing efforts are being recreated, perfected and still show positive numbers even to this day. Although a future filled with virtual everything is imminent, emailing will still jump on board  even if the platform changes to audio emails.  Spend your email marketing dollars wisely, build long-term lists and keep everyone on your list engaged in activities your website promulgates while your list continues to grow.

Video InStream Marketing

After loading your chosen video, you may see an annoying advertisement for something irrelevant to the new Nickelback video.  That annoying advertisement, however, is video marketing gold for those who use InStream services.  Considering over 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube, and millions of more videos are added to other sites, in-video marketing definitely takes the cake as back-burner goldmines for savvy internet marketing professionals.   Advertising using keywords via YouTube is effective, although the CPC rates are higher; using InStream video marketing ads, you could experience roughly 66% lower CPC rates while still reaching the masses.

Since you’ll only pay for legitimate views to your video, and often times the ads can be set to popup several times throughout the snippet, you’ll potentially have higher website visitor-ship resulting from these in-video ads. And, much like any other paid advertising platform, your ads will only appear to targeted areas, people and ages you specify.

LinkedIn Ads And Mailings

Serious internet marketing professionals appreciate the value of LinkedIn’s professional network since they can display feature-rich advertisements to those who would most likely view them.  Since professional networks such as this are slightly higher for advertising costs, you will definitely have much better luck marketing your services throughout the million-plus different networks.

Internet marketing pros that have LinkedIn accounts can network with individuals who, in turn, give you permission to trade insights, email your offerings and also gather close contacts with their permission.  You can extract their contact information and send them periodic newsletters that fall within their interest category or simply keep in touch and grow a close business relationship with them.


Stepping outside the norm to give other platforms such as emailing, InStream marketing, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn the chance to work for you will prove equally beneficial to that of your SEO, content marketing, video campaigns and even landing page pushes.  Never count out what isn’t popular because that particular internet marketing strategy is making someone money, and that someone could be you.