What Questions Should you Ask your Visitor Tracking Provider when Evaluating a Solution?

What Questions Should you Ask your Visitor Tracking Provider when Evaluating a Solution?It’s always hard to interview vendors when you’re not really certain what questions to ask them. In this case, suppose you have a goal to acquire a website visitor tracking solution that helps identify businesses and people that visit your website. Below is a list of questions you can ask any visitor tracking provider to make sure you know what you’re getting. These questions will help probe for key differentiators and features that might help you make a better decision. What questions should you ask your visitor tracking provider? Here you go…

  1. Do you share data that we collect with our competitors or other companies?
  2. How do you identify people?
  3. What tools do you provide to find people at a visiting company if the person is anonymous?
  4. Can you show me what type of profiles you build over time on visitors?
  5. How can users create and share website traffic filters?
  6. Is your visitor tracking real-time or static?
  7. How do you integrate with 3rd party email marketing programs like Mailchimp?
  8. What are all the things you track?
  9. Should I be concerned about our privacy policy?
  10. What is your pricing and what variables are in your pricing?
  11. What type of support do you provide?
  12. How do you track web form submissions?
  13. How do I know the original lead source of a visitor and not the source of the visit itself?
  14. Do you have any integrations with email clients like Outlook or Google Mail?
  15. What makes you different from other providers?
  16. Do you use cookies for tracking?
  17. How is all of this data useful to our company as we collect information over time?

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