Are You Using Your Bounce Rate To Make Decisions?

Bounce RateBounce rate isn’t just a metric hanging out in your analytics dashboard – it’s a valuable piece of information you can use to gauge how users behave on your website. If you’re not taking your bounce rate into account when you make decisions about changing your site, you could actually be decreasing your conversions and sales over time.

Since this is the case, it’s important to have an idea about what this rate means and how you can use it to your advantage. Your bounce rate reflects the percentage of users who visit your site and take no further action – whether visiting another page, filling out a form or spending time on your website.

So, how can understanding your bounce rate help you to streamline your process and increase conversions on your site?

Adding an Action

Bounce rate information is valuable when it comes to adding an action to your website. If you’d like to point users to a specific page, create a form for your site, or test any other kind of action element, watching bounce rate over time is a good indicator of how your audience will respond to your new elements.

Try introducing your new action, then seeing if bounce rate varies by a range of ~10% over time. If your bounce rate decreases, great! If you find it increasing, it might be time to switch back to your old page or test your action in another place on the page.

Split Testing

If you have the ability to test two different offers at the same time, spit testing is great for any business. You can test things like:

  • Page headlines
  • Calls to action
  • Form placement (as discussed above)
  • New logos or branding elements
  • Different offers

Google Content Experiments is an Analytics tool you can use to gauge the effectiveness of particular split test experiments. It’s a good way to determine which of any particular elements is working in your favor in terms of bounce rate.

Working With Analytics

Google Analytics isn’t the only place you can take a look at your bounce rate and come up with ways to improve your website. Lead Liaison offers tools, tips and user-friendly training that will allow you to best determine how bounce rate is affecting your website. To find out more about how Lead Liaison’s advanced marketing automation platform can help you determine which action items are best for your website, check out Lead Liaison today.