How to Engage Prospects Early in the Buying Process

How to Engage Prospects Early in the Buying ProcessPeople and businesses are changing the way they approach the buying process due to the abundance of online resources available. Numerous studies have shown that over 90% of people begin their buying process online using either a search engine or social media. There are so many viable options to choose online, which is why very few consumers will look elsewhere for information.

Early Engagement

Savvy marketers and entrepreneurs must reach and engage these prospects in the early stages of their buying process, before they settle for a competitor. They must recognize that someone is interested in their product or service and engage them instantaneously. One of the easiest ways to identify and connect with new consumers is marketing automation software.

Marketing Automation Software    

Surfing various websites for useful information is usually the initial step in the buying process, which is why the first step in the marketing automation process is using website visitor tracking. This powerful software tracks and monitors any leads that have connected with a company’s website or social media profiles. It records exactly what your leads are doing online in real time. If you are not already convinced of the incredible capabilities of website visitor tracking, take a moment to read Lead Liaison’s previous blog on five reasons why it is necessary to follow leads with website visitor tracking.

Lead Profiling & Ranking

Once marketing automation software has identified potential leads, the next step in engaging them is to understand their behavior and buying needs. Every detail the lead shares is tracked and analysed to create a comprehensive lead profile. Marketing automation experts will then rate their online activity based on the characteristics of existing consumers and determine where they are at in their buying process.

Lead Nurturing

The most essential step in the marketing automation process for engaging prospects early in their buying process is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing content is the most effective and efficient way to demonstrate a company’s expertise. A recent study by the Annuitas Group proved that nurtured leads generate 47% larger purchases than traditional marketing leads.

Lead nurturing allows businesses to gently guide leads towards a purchase by clearly demonstrating the value a particular product or service can add to their life. It should never be a hard-sell pitch or a blatant advertisement. The goal of lead nurturing is to engage prospects, give them the vital details they need to make a sound purchasing decision, and then subtle show why that purchase should be made with your business. It is a delicate art that is usually best left to trained content creators and marketing automation experts.

Engaging prospects early on in the buying process is essential for success in the modern world of online sales. Use marketing automation software, lead profile and ranking, and most importantly lead nurturing to create a lasting connection with potential prospects.