Can I Afford Marketing Automation?

Can I Afford Marketing Automation?Many businesses are asking themselves, “Can I afford marketing automation?” We hear it all the time – “What’s in it for me?” Or maybe, “How can I be assured such a major purchase is the right one for my company?” Generally, our answer always tends to be the same – with such advanced data tracking possible, the question is more, how can you not afford to be doing marketing automation these days?

Gathering the Granular Data

The basic and most fundamental principle of using any type of marketing automation is the timely gathering of data. If you’ve ever worked the back end of any business you know how powerful data can truly be.

Let’s start with an example – say the same individual keeps coming back to your site over and over again. They’ve bought once from you before, but are interested in comparing your pricing and services with a competitor’s. The thing that will truly make the sale is a more personalized touch.

Through marketing automation, you see this specific individual checking out service and warranty pages throughout your site. They keep coming back to these specific pages, and then bouncing.

Other analytical programs simply won’t give you the kind of knowledge about this customer that marketing automation can. Knowing that one specific person from the same IP is hitting the same pages can give you quick incentive to act. Reaching out to that user via chat program and explicitly describing your value could turn this repeat browser into a sale.

Can I Afford Marketing Automation?

Having this level of granular detail can shorten your sales funnel, build more trust with buyers and give them exactly what they’re looking for. With a potential increase in sales based on this type of information, why wouldn’t you want to invest in marketing automation? Data drives understanding of your customers and their needs, and knowing what your customers want drives sales. We can all sit back and assume what we’re doing to please our customers is good enough – but when an opportunity to get to know customers presents itself and could lead to new sales, it’s an investment worth making.

So the next time you ask yourself, ‘Can I afford marketing automation?’, ask yourself if your company is doing enough at a high level to engage your customers and get to know their individual needs. By its very nature marketing automation can offer you the type of information that will lead to increased sales.

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