Buzzwords in Marketing Automation: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): its meaning and how it relates to marketing automation. A part of the series Buzzwords in Marketing Automation.



Discover the other half of SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Automation

You can’t spend any time studying online marketing without reading the term “search engine optimization.” Still, you might be a little fuzzy about what this term means, and you might be even more confused regarding how it relates to marketing automation. Let’s take a look at what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how marketing automation can help your SEO efforts.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a set of techniques that marketers use to grow visibility in the online world in order to improve organic search engine rankings. There are various components involved in a successful SEO campaign, including keyword research, link building, content marketing, on-page optimization, and social networking. A solid marketing strategy utilizes all of these components in order to create a powerful campaign that helps a website move up in the search engine rankings.

Most website owners use Google Analytics or other similar tools to track their results. These tools provide them with instant results. They see immediate cause and effect results for their SEO campaigns, but they don’t get long-term results with these analytics. That makes it impossible for them to understand their return on investment for their SEO campaigns.

That is where marketing automation saves the day.

Marketing Automation and SEO

Marketing automation tools provide tracking options that you can’t get with traditional analytics software. Instead of just giving you the cause and effect relationship between your SEO efforts and your traffic, marketing automation provides you with the value of the traffic.

For instance, if someone visits your site because of your SEO efforts, marketing automation software immediately starts tracking that person. The software can continue to track that visitor every time he or she comes to your site. It will record what they are interested in when they get to your website, what content they download, which videos they watch, and more. Not only does this allow you to hyper-target your marketing or nurture efforts based on the person’s actions, it also makes it much easier for you to determine if you’re making a profit with your SEO efforts

ROI is possibly your most important marketing statistic available. If you cannot track your ROI, you don’t know if you’re making or losing money. That is why marketing automation is so important in regards to your SEO campaign. Add marketing automation to your SEO efforts to see the other half of search engine marketing.