Online Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation ServicesWith the influx of social media tools – Google+ being the latest, greater online marketing demands and a changing B2B buying process lead management has become difficult and complex. Without a lead management framework, companies are like a ship without a sail – going nowhere. Lead generation services have sprung up to try to mitigate process complexity. For example, there are many companies offering lead generation services to handle lead qualification, appointment setting, event promotion, email marketing, content delivery, inbound call handling and more. What companies don’t know is that many of these lead generation services can be accomplished using cost effective technology. In many cases, less than the cost of a trade show.

Lead Liaison’s lead generation services are packaged into web-based software, which ultimately is a service – or Software as a Service (SaaS) as the industry calls it. Although SaaS-based technology cannot deliver the human element, such as inbound call handling, it can deliver a multitude of lead generation services online. Lead Liaison’s online lead generation services enable companies to:

  • Automate marketing and sales processes such as lead qualification and outbound marketing
  • Prospect for new leads
  • Synchronize activities with CRMs such as and cleanup database records
  • Nurture leads with intelligent and intuitive campaigns
  • Capture leads with easy to create landing pages and smart forms
  • Target prospects with professional-grade email marketing

Hopefully this post leaves you with some food for thought. Should you reach out in desperation to traditional lead generation services agencies or embrace technology to mitigate the complexity of the lead management process?

Let us show you why you should choose the latter.

To learn more about how Lead Liaison’s online lead generation services can jump start your lead generation activities and simplify the lead management process let us know. We’re more than happy to explore how we can help you solve your problems in a complex sales and marketing environment.

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