Lead Generators

Lead GeneratorsAre you looking for ways to generate leads? I bet you were probably hunting for a telemarketing agency. In fact, when you search for lead generators in Google you’ll mainly get links for telemarketers in the results. If you landed here, that’s great news! It’s time you took a fresh look at how you’re managing your leads and consider using technology to bolster your strategy.

Dialing for dollars sometimes works; however, often times it’s inefficient and yields a low ROI relative to using software stacks that can bridge gaps in your sales and marketing and lead management processes.  If you’re like most organizations they have mixed feelings about hiring third parties to generate leads. These are usually on/off programs for most companies. Technology though, is here to stay.  You might hate it, but you can’t ignore it. If businesses ignore it then they’ll fall behind their competitors.

Lead Liaison uses innovative software technology that ignites your lead management process. We get you more leads into the top of the funnel, accelerate leads through the funnel and make sure leads don’t leak out of the funnel by helping you recycle them.

Most lead generators these days are technology-driven. For example, take a look at Lead Liaison’s revenue generation software. Instead of using telemarketers, our lead generators come from our Software as a Service (SaaS). We provide proven technology to help businesses with six cornerstones of any lead management lifecycle: sales prospecting, lead tracking, lead capture, lead conversion, lead distribution and lead nurturing.

Sales prospecting helps sales people find companies and people – getting more prospects into the funnel. Lead tracking helps companies track who’s visiting their site and what their interest is. Anonymous visitors (new source of leads) and known visitors (name and/or email identified) are tracked along with their online behavior to build rich prospect profiles for sales. Lead capture and lead conversion tools help build landing pages, web forms, engaging email campaigns and more to get prospects to fill out forms and interact with your company’s brand. Lead distribution intelligently distributes leads based on sales team/individual performance or any number of lead criteria (company size, location, etc.). Finally, lead nurturing automates the ability to stay in touch with prospects over time by sending relevant and timely email communications from sales.

Without the help of technology and a lack of emphasis on lead generator software, companies set themselves up for failure. In most cases, configuring technology like Lead Liaison’s to complement existing lead management practices takes less than an hour. My guess is you’d probably spend more than that on the phone with a telemarketer telling them what you need.

In just a few small steps your lead generator machine will be in full force. Make sure to select the right lead generators for your business – choose technology first over telemarketers.