How to Get More Customers

Have you ever taken the time to pull your team together and discuss how to get more customers? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. It’s not something businesses typically take the time to plan ahead for. Here are four ideas you can focus on to get more customers into and out of a revenue cycle.

• Know who your customers are
• Focus on inbound marketing
• Stay in touch
• Keep your sales team efficient

First, if you want to know how to get more customers you’ve got to understand who your customers are. What is your ideal customer profile? In other words, identify what industries they’re in, how much revenue they produce and where they hang out. Study your last 12 months of customer wins and analyze the profile of each customer. Do they fall into common categories? If so, jot those down into your Service Level Agreement (SLA). Once you know where your customers are you’re ready to progress to the next phase, focusing on inbound marketing.

Second, create an inbound marketing strategy and execute a plan. Inbound marketing is really not about how to get more customers, but how to be in the right place at the same time as your customers. Customers will come to you. See our article on Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing for a better understanding of inbound marketing. In summary, inbound marketing means you’re actively participating and distributing content through blogs, social media, SEO/organic search and paid search. Traditional outbound marketing is telemarketing, direct mail and trade shows. More and more marketers are shifting budget dollars from outbound to inbound marketing as they recognize buyers jump online to research solutions before they select a vendor to contact. Here’s why, see the projected growth for social networks and blogs over the next several years:

How to Get More CustomersChoose your inbound marketing investments carefully when planning how to get more customers. Ideal channels vary based on the type of business you’re in – B2B or B2C. For example, see the chart below. If the green bar is higher than the orange bar it’s an ideal channel for B2B marketers.

Getting Customers Through Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is like the bait on your fishing pole. Once you get the fish on the hook you’ve got to know how to reel them in and get them on the boat. A solid inbound marketing strategy combined with cohesive lead management life cycle processes that include sales prospecting, lead capture, lead follow up, lead tracking, lead qualification, lead distribution and lead nurturing will help you reel in the big fish.

Check back later this week for part two of how to get more customers.

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