Video Marketing: Your Key to Converting More Visitors

Video Marketing: Your Key to Converting More CustomersAll marketers know about email marketing, direct mail, etc. But, what about video marketing for converting more visitors? Doesn’t that just play videos and push information, one-way, to visitors or can it be interactive? It can be interactive, and there are ways you can use video marketing to to begin converting more visitors.

Adding video to your website is an effective way to convert more visitors into customers. Among the most frequent reasons people do not add video to their website is that producing a video can be expensive. With that said, video production does not have to blow your entire marketing budget. In fact, you might be surprised to discover that you get a quality video produced for far less than you might expect. Ask us too! We’ve done video marketing on a budget. We’ve had multiple video explainers created for less than $1,000 USD each. That’s quite a bargain. But buyer beware. Videos can cost upwards of $15,000 to $20,000 if you need a voice over, storyboard, script, and more.

Types of Videos to Produce that Convert Visitors

Another common question among business owners that consider adding video to their website is what type of video should I use to start converting more visitors. Numerous options are available, including testimonials, solution instructions, marketing, and more. The addition of videos can help to increase both conversions and sales by discussing how a product works, the benefits of using a product, and even how a product can resolve certain issues. Along with explaining how to use a product, you could also use videos to answer frequently asked questions. With the addition of a video, you can transform your site into a sales rep for your business that offers help to the leads as they browse your website. Rather than just seeing a product on your website, customers can learn about your products by watching a video.

What Video Hosting Providers Convert More Visitors?

You will also need to have a place to host your videos. Your choice of hosting service should not be taken lightly. YouTube might be the first place to come to mind for hosting your videos. For businesses, Wistia is often a better choice. With Wistia as the hosting service, you can benefit from lead conversion tools and analytics—tools that are not available with Vimeo or YouTube. You can also exercise complete control over both your video and viewers. For instance, you can protect your viewers from advertisements, commercials, and even potentially dangerous redirects that might ultimately send your leads to your competitors.

The addition of video to your website can make it more powerful and effective, giving your leads the information they need to make a more informed decision.

Mid-Market Marketing Automation Software Leader Announces Integration with Wistia for Video Marketing

Integration Creates Opportunities for Mid-Sized Companies to Leverage Video Marketing with Visitor Tracking and Marketing Automation Software for More Sales Intelligence and Higher Website Conversion Rates

ALLEN, TX — April, 18 2016  — Wistia, the video platform of choice for business, and Lead Liaison, the leader in sales and marketing automation software to the mid-market, announced a technology integration today. The integration gives salespeople more sales insight into potential buyers’ interests and marketers’ opportunities to rapidly convert more website visitors while using video marketing data to trigger multi-channel, multi-touch marketing campaigns.

Companies that are not large enterprises have been underserved in recent years and large enterprises have been forced to work with marketing automation providers that don’t offer smaller, more palatable offerings to whet their appetite. Different from other marketing automation vendors occupying the enterprise space, Lead Liaison offers a stand-alone website visitor tracking solution, called ProspectVision™, for companies not quite ready to take on marketing automation. Wista works with ProspectVision™. When using Lead Liaison’s Wistia Connector with ProspectVision™, companies can take visitor tracking to a whole new level. Leads are more qualified, salespeople get more sales insight, and more website visitors convert from anonymous to identified through Wistia’s Turnstile feature, which creatively adds an email gate inside your video.

Companies ready to scale up sales and marketing efforts can move from website visitor tracking to marketing automation by upgrading to Lead Liaison professional-grade marketing automation software suite, called Lead Management Automation (LMA)™.

Wistia-hosted videos embedded into a company’s website get additional perks with Lead Liaison’s marketing automation. Video analytics, such as who played the video, who engaged, and who converted, get saved into the marketing automation database. Marketers can later return to the system and use this data to create segmentations or re-target prospects that interacted with their video content. Companies can also tap into what Lead Liaison calls “responsive marketing”, by initiating a stream of intelligent marketing communications driven from video engagement.

Since the Wistia Connector has been available, marketers are loving it:

“We absolutely love the integration between Wistia and Lead Liaison. Prior to this, we used YouTube and had no insight into who was watching our content. Now, we use Lead Liaison and Wistia together to identify the people and businesses that are watching our videos. We also qualify more visitors by scoring video engagement and use video analytics for retargeting campaigns within Lead Liaison. The integration helps us convert more website visitors into identified prospects, which get stored into Lead Liaison for subsequent lead nurturing.”  

The timing of this announcement is on the heels of Wistia’s recent launch of their Marketplace for third party applications integrated with Wistia. Lead Liaison is one of the applications included in the initial rollout of Wistia’s Marketplace.

Wistia is thrilled with the launch of their new Marketplace and inclusion of Lead Liaison’s Wistia Connector:

“We’re delighted to count Lead Liaison among our first round of integration partnerships. They’re pushing the envelope of how mid-market businesses can leverage the power of video marketing. Additionally, they drink their own kool-aid, which is something we love to see. As a company, Lead Liaison itself understands how to use video well to attract, engage, and close new business. And they integrate video into the rest of their marketing and business strategies. ”

The integration is available now. To get started today, visit Lead Liaison’s profile in Wistia’s Marketplace or contact Lead Liaison directly. Lead Liaison’s Wistia Connector is available at no charge in the Lead Liaison App Cloud for all customers using any software license from Lead Liaison.

About Wistia

Wistia is the video platform of choice for business. We enable marketing, sales, training, and more to harness the engaging and connective power of video. Our technology solution provides world-class video hosting, marketing tools, and analytics to help companies grow. Wistia boasts an impressive customer portfolio across industries, with top brands including Amway, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Sephora, and Tiffany & Co., leveraging Wistia to form authentic connections with customers, employees, and more.
We’re on a mission to make business more human. Founded in 2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Wistia serves more than 200,000 businesses in over 50 countries. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @wistia.

About Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison is a cloud-based sales and marketing automation solution that helps businesses accelerate sales by attracting, converting, closing and retaining more prospects. Filling a void in the small pool of marketing automation providers that focus on marketing-centric functionality, Lead Liaison gives equal focus to sales providing sophisticated visitor tracking and additional website engagement tools to boost sales effectiveness. Lead Liaison blends ease-of-use, a flexible business model, deep external integration, marketing across social, web, mobile, email and offline channels and powerful functionality, all specifically tailored for mid-sized businesses, into a single platform, called Revenue Generation Software®. Lead Liaison is headquartered in Allen, Texas, near Dallas. For more information, visit or call 1-800-89-LEADS (895-3237).