Marketing Automation Gone Wrong – Turn Your Cons To Pros

Marketing automation helps with three most-wanted things; speed, personalization, and better reach. But, if not done right, all of your marketing efforts can fire back pretty bad. Here are the most common mistakes that marketers do in automating their marketing efforts and how to avoid them.  

Reaching Out To Wrong People at Wrong Time

One of the most common drawbacks of marketing automation is that your subscribers get more emails than they may want. And if you are being just another “spammer” who sends all sorts of emails to all of your subscribers, they are most likely going to unsubscribe from your communications, or your marketing automation provider or ESP will put a stop to it.

Irrelevant offers, no matter how cool they are, don’t attract the customers. Make sure that you are reaching out to the right customers and at right time with a relevant message.

Personalization Not Done Right

Personalization goes way beyond the general interests of your customers. It is important to keep a close track of your subscribers’ online journey and trigger multiple marketing channels including emails, direct mail and personalized website content while making them highly relevant.  

Let us explain this with an example: suppose a customer buys a product or solution from you. It is highly likely that the customer may want to buy more items related to the orininal product/solution. It is important to let your customer know about other interesting solutions you have available, along with any special discounts and offers.  

Not Allocating Proper Budget/Resources

Automation does all kinds of amazing things, yet a few people expect to gain big results by investing nothing other than money. Keep in mind that a credible automation platform may cost you between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. But, you also need to gauge how much time you have to invest in learning the platform and populating it with amazing content. The more you invest, the better results you get. 

Automating Every Single Thing

Automation is good as it saves a lot of your time and resources. But don’t automate every single thing Automating campaigns and social media is good, but you will need to invest one-on-one time to engage with clients once they interact with your automations. There are many examples when companies turned all the odds into opportunities by prudently using the social media. Engage with your audience! 

Final Words

Marketing automation is a powerful car, but it needs a driver. Make sure that you are ready to commit to marketing automation as a strategy, not just a solution. 


Guest Post Bio:

Andrew Lowen is the CEO of Next Level Web, a trusted marketing agency based in San Diego, California. He has three lovely daughters and the most patient wife of all time. They specialize in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, and Email Marketing (The Agency – not the daughters… yet). See case studies & results of happy clients at

Personalize Your Website to Convince and Convert

Personalize Your Website to Convince and ConvertPersonalize your website with the use of dynamic content to make a tremendous difference in your conversion rates. As the world of online marketing has grown increasingly competitive, it is no longer enough to simply update your website with new content. Instead, you must focus on creating dynamic user experiences that encourage visitors to convert. The use of personalized content makes this possible. By moving visitors to conversion faster with a personalized website, you can significantly reduce the sales cycle.

Benefits of Personalized Website Content

Simply relying on generic content is outdated. Today, you must make web experiences as relevant as possible to each individual user. Personalization offers a number of benefits, including a highly targeted approach that helps you cut through all of the noise, clutter, and distractions faced by your visitors. Providing a personalized experience encourages visitors to remain on your site longer, download more, and in the end, make more purchases.

To maximize the benefits offered by a personalized website, it’s important to use on-page content in conjunction with targeted emails. Doing so helps to ensure that visitors see an offer designed to move them to the next part of the sales funnel.

Getting Started with Personalized Website Content

Personalizing your website content is easier than you might think. For instance, you might include text referencing the visitor’s location on your home page. Even something this simple can be all it takes to capture a visitor’s interest and encourage him or her to stay on your site longer. Another option for personalizing your website content is to upsell your current customers by displaying dynamic content for a solution for which the customer is not already paying. You could also use a visitor’s name to catch his or her attention. Case in point, with Lead Liaison’s solution, known as SiteEngage™, standard and custom fields can be used to create rule criteria to determine what is shown to a prospect and at what time and that data can also be included into the content.

While this may sound complicated, the right marketing automation package can make this a breeze. Not all marketing automation packages provide this level of personalization, so make sure you review what your package provides.