Target Marketing Strategy

Target Marketing StrategyDoes your target market strategy involve selling to a finite set of accounts? Is your Total Available Market (TAM) a small list of companies you can list on one or two pages of a word document? Does your company avoid buying marketing lists and limit outbound marketing to the masses? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then Revenue Generation Software™, driven by marketing automation technology under the hood, will boost your business to the next level and drive your target market strategy.

Here are six ways you can make the most out of your well-defined target market:

Relationship Marketing

Competitors are chasing the same target market as you are. It’s vital to differentiate your company from your competitors. One way to do that is to invest in building relationships. Use Revenue Generation Software™ to automatically and intelligently interact with prospects to create meaningful conversations that keep prospects thinking about you, not your competitor, first. Pre-configure relationship nurturing tracks that enable sales people to instantly drop strategic contacts into a nurturing program. Consistent, company-generated messaging will permeate your target account better than disparate, sales-generated messaging. Make sure to leverage technology to build relationships as part of your target marketing strategy.

Prospect Tracking

Sales people have a challenging job breaking into strategic accounts; it is not easy navigating an organization from the outside in. Many calls and emails can be sent with zero visibility as to the effectiveness of a sales person’s outreach. Use desktop software that streams business to business website visitor traffic in real-time to get feedback on sales outreach. Sales people will know when a strategic account responds to a call or clicks a link in an email with software that alerts the sales representative when the strategic account visits your company’s website.

Account Profiling

Unless they know an insider, sales people have a tough time finding whom to call without an organization chart. Use Revenue Generation Software™ to build a list of employees and their roles and map out an organization. Find a contact you need to call then instantly import the contact into your CRM, such as, saving time on data entry. Also, business intelligence information such as description, revenue, headquarter location, financials, executives, jobs and more are available to help profile companies.

Competitive Landscaping

Once your company identifies an ideal target identify their competitors. Use Revenue Generation Software™ to augment sales prospecting by quickly viewing competitors of a target account. Then start relationship marketing efforts with your strategic account’s competitor.

Marketing Engagement

Relationship marketing helps businesses and sales people stay in touch with their target market. It’s also important to engage your target market. Use surveys to stimulate interaction and engage your audience. Make sure to process the results and respond. Shield competitors from your finite account base by showing prospects your company is inquisitive and ready to listen.

Personalized Selling

Generic, company-to-company or company-to-person communication might be effective for businesses blasting out emails to massive marketing lists. However, if you know your target market and never buy lists there’s a good chance each of your target accounts, leads and contacts have been assigned a lead owner by your company. Use Revenue Generation Software™ to send closed-loop email messages from the lead owner and make communications personalized and intimate, vital for building relationships.

We encourage you to learn more about how Lead Liaison’s Revenue Generation Software™ can amp up your target market strategy and help your company break into strategic accounts. Even if your company only sells to a finite set of target accounts our technology can deliver immediate value and help your company increase revenue.

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