How to “Spark” a B2B Conversion

How to "Spark" a B2B ConversionThat first touch. That first look. That first sound. That spark! We often remember first impressions when something significant happens. It’s no different for business-to-business sales. In this case, though, we’re not talking about attributes like a snazzy website or a funny TV ad, we’re talking about timing, response, and good old-fashioned value. That first impression can come from how quickly you respond to a sales lead and what you deliver when they inquire about your brand.

We’ve created the spark that can transform the curious to the converted and can help you spark a b2b conversion.

A Spark is a real-time event trigger in the Lead Management Automation™ (LMA) application. What events can be triggered, you ask? Anything from adding the lead to a contact list to creating a CRM task in The value in automating these events is in the rapid response you can provide each sales lead.

What constitutes a Spark? A Spark happens when a visitor to your website uses a specific search term to reach you, has visited multiple pages on your site, or other activities. The Spark can be the start of a long-term relationship with that lead through a nurturing process. By quickly responding to an “inquiry” (a user-defined request), you provide value that can lead to a conversion from prospect to customer.

Here are some examples that are used as sparks:

  • A prospect submits a web form, which triggers an email sent to the prospect with more information and distributes the lead to your sales team
  • A link within an email is clicked, which triggers and alert to the lead owner and creates a task in your CRM for that lead owner
  • A hot prospect (measured by lead score) visits your pricing page, which triggers an email to the lead owner.
  • A lead is converted in your CRM from Lead to Contact, which updates the fields and status in your CRM

A Spark can trigger multiple activities, reducing redundant processes and increasing your spectrum of response. Research has shown that prompt response and value delivery rank high among reasons buyers purchase from a vendor. Using Sparks to trigger events in response to inbound activity shows your leads that your brand acknowledges their interest and wants to provide value in their customer experience.

Lead Liaison Provides a Marketing Spark in its Marketing Automation Platform

Allen, TX (PRWEB) September 1, 2013 – Lead Liaison announced the release of another upgrade to its Lead Management Automation™ (LMA) platform. A new feature, called Sparks, is the latest in a series of upgrades released throughout 2013 in their marketing automation platform.

Sparks function as an automated response mechanism that triggers a series of actions following certain types of engagements. Examples of activities that can be assigned as triggers include an email click-through by a prospect, a website visit following an organic search, and a response to a Send and Track email.

Once a lead has initiated an engagement, Sparks can deliver an email or other marketing asset and immediately assign the lead to an owner based upon the style of lead distribution deployed by the Lead Liaison customer. The platform enhancement allows sales teams to quickly absorb the lead and respond immediately to the inquiry.

“Our research has shown that real-time user-based triggering events ‘spark’ B2B relationships more effectively and relieve marketers and sales teams from having to manually respond and update their CRM systems,” said Alex Brown, Lead Liaison’s VP of communications. “Users are also able to sharply focus the messaging to specific inquiries such as completing a web form or requesting a data sheet.”

B2B marketers using the LMA can easily define what actions will trigger a spark, which activities will be automatically deployed, and schedule delivery of marketing messages in a few easy steps. The system allows multiple actions based upon only one trigger, and users can deploy assets from existing marketing campaigns or assign specific assets to be delivered based a lead’s digital activity.

For a preview Lead Liaison’s new Sparks feature or any of the 50+ integrated marketing automation and lead management functions, request a 10-minute demonstration of the Lead Management Automation platform.


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