Being Prepared in a Marketing Automation Demo: Finding a Partner

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Being Prepared in a Demo

One of the most important questions you can ask in a marketing automation demo is, “What processes does your company have in place to make our relationship feel more like what it should be: a partnership?” Once you ask the question, there are three things you need to look for in the answer. That will let you know if the company will truly partner with you.

Support Staff

Excellent support is a key to creating a partnership. The support should be readily accessible when needed and easy to access. Features like live chat make it easy to reach the support team. Support should begin as soon as you get the software. You will need help with training and implementation in order to get the most out of the software. Then, the support should continue for as long as you hold a license.

Explore Your Goals Together

Partners also explore goals together. If you team up with a marketing automation company, you should be able to go over your goals, such as increasing your conversions or improving your lead scoring system to make it easier for your sales team. When you go over these goals with a marketing automation company, it is much easier for you to reach them. The company is able to configure the software to help you reach all of the goals you have set forth. Then, once you reach your goals, you can discuss new goals with your partner.

Your Own “Client Happiness Manager”

Companies that have a “Client Happiness Manager” go the extra mile in regards to forming partnerships with their clients. The manager touches base with you on a regular basis to make sure you are achieving your goals. If you aren’t, the manager discusses options to help you get on track. This type of one-on-one attention is essential if you’re going to be a partner in the process.

Forming partnerships is key to having success with marketing automation software. Your partner will keep you on track and help you achieve everything that you want to accomplish with the software. Be sure to ask this question during your next demo so you will know if the company is the right choice for you.

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Being Prepared in a Marketing Automation Demo

This is the first post in the series What Questions to Ask in a Marketing Automation Demo. 

Being Prepared in a Demo

You’ve spent some time researching different marketing automation tools and now you’re finally ready to move on to the demo stage. Many people kick back and watch the demo unfold, but you need to prepare questions ahead of time and ask them during the main event. The right questions will ensure that you get the marketing automation tool that you need.

Get Real Information

Demos are full of useful information, but do you know what else they are?

They’re scripted.

You can toss that script out the window by asking some useful questions. You will get unscripted information that you can use when deciding if you want to purchase the tool.

Boost Engagement Levels

Questions also keep you engaged in the presentation. It’s easy to be passive and possibly even catch a few zzz’s during a presentation, but that is a terrible idea. If you have some questions prepared, you’ll be engaged and will be certain to understand what the tool has to offer.

Questions play a huge role in demos. Don’t make the mistake of coming up with questions during the demo. If you do that, you will waste your energy thinking of questions instead of listening to the demo. Come up with them ahead of time and then insert them at the appropriate times. Then, you will listen to the demo and get answers to your questions.

Check in next week for the next post in this series. We’ll begin covering important questions, and what you should and shouldn’t hear in the answers that you receive.

Interested in putting your questions to the test?