QuestSoft Triples Clickthrough Rates & Improves Website Engagement with Lead Liaison

Logo_QuestSoftALLEN, TX – Mortgage lending compliance software company QuestSoft recently spoke about their success using Lead Liaison.

QuestSoft is the nation’s leading provider of automated mortgage compliance software. The company’s solutions help more than 2,200 mortgage lenders simplify and speed the collection, analysis, compilation and reporting of key lending regulatory report data. QuestSoft is known as a profitable, highly innovative company that has won more than 20 awards in the past four years, including being named a Top Workplace by a prominent local paper, the Orange County Register, for three of the past four years. QuestSoft has also been recognized with outstanding service awards from leading industry publications, such as HousingWire’s 2016 HW Vanguard Award, Mortgage Professional America 2016 Hot 100 Listing and PROGRESS In Lending’s 2017 Innovation Award. In addition, QuestSoft has been listed as the 12th best small business to work for in Orange County, along with a recent award highlighting the company as one of the Top 50 workplaces nationwide for women in the mortgage industry to work.

The main reason QuestSoft chose Lead Liaison for their marketing automation needs is because they provide everything from visitor tracking to marketing automation, and even a free CRM – all in one place. The balance between that, the customer service, and the price made it an easy choice.

Originally, QuestSoft wanted to focus on email campaigns and monitor website engagement. They were very interested in watching who was visiting their website in real time. Specifically, they wanted to know which pages were most interesting to their website visitors. “You make certain assumptions about where [visitors] go after the homepage,” says Scott Mortenson, Director of Marketing at QuestSoft. “We thought we knew, and as it turns out we were spot on. It really helps us understand what people are most interested in.

What’s even more noteworthy is the company’s increase in email open and clickthrough rates. Lead Liaison can do much more than just monitor website activity and engagement. QuestSoft needed a platform to execute all of their marketing initiatives. “We tested some emails and they did quite well, then we tested a few others and they failed. We went back to the original formula and we’ve been watching it grow with each campaign. Being able to have those numbers – those statistics – has been invaluable,” says Mortenson. With a professional, easy-to-use platform, Mortenson’s team was able to build communication that had a consistent message, consistent graphics and consistent value. They saw the numbers start to climb.

QuestSoft is also utilizing another popular feature of Lead Liaison, Tracking URLs. They created a unique URL that they placed into advertisements. They are now able to track those ads, whereas before they were blindly sending people to a webpage without knowing if a lead was generated from this link. Tracking URLs gives QuestSoft the ability to measure the impact of their advertising dollars.

QuestSoft will be attending a conference in Florida in the coming weeks, and they are focusing a nurture campaign geared towards their trade show audience. They have a list of expected attendees, and their goal is to drive traffic to their website leading up to the event, as well as increase traffic to their booth. They’re confident they can drive website activity with strong email campaign performance produced from Lead Liaison. Before using Lead Liaison, they saw email open rates of about 10%. Since implementing Lead Liaison, they have seen email open rates increase to 18%. In addition, they have tripled their average click-through rates in the last six months, seeing recent click-throughs as high as 10%. Average CTRs in the technology industry are closer to 2.5%, making this a significant achievement. Marketing with Lead Liaison has resulted in increased appointments at their trade show booth. They expect nothing but the same for their upcoming event in Florida.

QuestSoft’s use of Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation (LMA)™ has provided relief for the company, because they no longer have to fret over tedious tasks. They are now able to use that time to focus on building their programs and campaigns, brainstorming with their team, and increasing revenue.

About QuestSoft

Laguna Hills, Calif.-based QuestSoft is a leading provider of comprehensive compliance software and services for the mortgage, banking and credit union industries. QuestSoft combines 20+ years of mortgage regulatory, CRA and Fair Lending compliance analytics, data management and software design expertise with best-in-class customer service to consistently improve client compliance accuracy and facilitate smoother regulatory audits. QuestSoft products, interfaced with over 40 LOS providers, enable more than 2,200 clients to simplify and speed the collection, analysis, compilation and reporting of key lending regulatory report data. For more information, call 800-575-4632, ext 1, or visit

About Lead Liaison
Lead Liaison provides cloud-based sales and marketing automation solutions that helps businesses accelerate revenue by attracting, converting, closing and retaining more prospects. Filling a void in the small pool of marketing automation providers that focus on marketing-centric functionality, Lead Liaison gives equal focus to sales providing sophisticated visitor tracking and additional website engagement tools to boost sales effectiveness. Lead Liaison blends ease-of-use, a flexible business model, deep external integration, marketing across social, web, mobile, email and offline channels and powerful functionality, all specifically tailored for mid-sized businesses, into a single platform, called Revenue Generation Software®. Lead Liaison is headquartered in Allen, Texas, near Dallas. For more information, visit or call 1-800-89-LEADS (895-3237).

How To Increase Your Click-Through Rate

CTRFrom email marketing to website offers, your click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics you track. People need to click to get to the next point in the funnel, so it is essential that you do everything you can to increase your CTR. After you boost your CTR, you will push more people into the purchase funnel and get more sales. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to boost your CTR.

Test Your CTAs

You should insert a call-to-action (CTA) each time you want someone to click on your website or in an email. Don’t choose just one CTA and reuse it. Instead, split test all of your CTAs to find out which ones work best. This will provide important insight into what your audience wants. Then, customize your CTAs for your audience (you could even utilize your database segmentations here!). Once you put the best CTAs in front of your audience, your CTR will get a huge boost.

Use Personalized Content

General content simply doesn’t convert as well as personalized content does. Use software that collects information about visitors and then personalizes the experience based on that information. From using the person’s name to providing relevant content, there are tons of ways to personalize people’s experiences. The better you are at this, the more your CTR will grow. Marketing automation can help you automate this personalization process!

Entice Your Readers

It is easy to increase your CTR and push people through the purchase funnel by providing some great offers. A free whitepaper or a free trial can go a long way in increasing your CTR. It is a good idea to test and personalize offers for your users. This puts the best offers in front of all of your visitors. When people click on an offer, have them give up some personal information so you can continue to customize the experience. Then, you can use the newly acquired information to increase your CTR even more.

If you can increase your CTR, you can grow your business. Use these tips to get people to click on your links and offers. The more clicks you get, the easier it will be to grow your business.

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