Ten Tips for Lead Conversion – Part 1

 Five Tips for Lead ConversionSales lead nurturing is essential for lead conversion in today’s fast paced market place. The ability to convert leads into revenue is a critical factor that affects the success of every business. If a company is spending a significant portion of their marketing budget on lead acquisition or generation, it must earn the reward of that investment by converting a high percentage of those leads into sales.

Here are five tips for lead conversion.

1)       Qualify Leads First. Quantity is less important than quality when it comes to successfully converting leads into revenue. Use a leads online history to judge if they are worth pursuing with a lead nurturing campaign.

2)       Ask Permission to Stay in Touch. Give the lead options to receive follow-up by email or phone and then follow through by staying in touch without coming on too strong.

3)       Utilize an Automated Response System. Create an automated e-mail acknowledgement that alerts the prospect that they will be contacted and give them a method of contact if they require something urgently. Advise them of a specific time period when they will be contacted and make sure to always respond to the prospect within the agreed upon time frame.

4)       Offer Instant Value. This should be information that they can use even if you are unable to convert the lead into a sale. It may be done in the form of a “how to” guide that is carefully crafted to inspire a purchase or an entertaining piece that is relevant to their interests.

5)       Listen to the Lead. This can be done electronically by scanning e-mail communications and online history to understand what the prospect is seeking or why they visited specific pages and links. This step includes organizing and analysing all relevant information, which can be easily achieved by a lead nurturing software program.

By using these five tips for lead conversion, a company will be more likely to generate new revenue streams by converting qualified leads into sales. A lead should never be wasted which is why effective lead nurturing is fundamental to improving a business’s conversion rate.