Make Sure Your Marketing Agency Has Options

Marketing Agencies Need OptionsI work for Lead Liaison as a solutions specialist. I travel with our sales team on occasion to conduct trainings and have deeper level discussions with clients. On one of my trips, something caught my eye. I’m not quite an HVAC expert, but I’m familiar with the big name brands that are out there after owning a few homes and having HVAC units in my own house. You learn a lot when you have to foot those thousand dollar bills to repair air conditioners ;-). As I entered a parking lot after my meeting, I noticed two large commercial HVAC units, from two different and respectable brands, Trane and York.

In my mind, I liken this to a marketing agency – don’t ask me why I thought of this! HubSpot is a software platform that marketing agencies often buy. It’s a good brand name, and companies are buying it just because of the name. The reality is, just like the HVAC units, that not one size fits all. That there’s room for more than one solution, as each serves it’s purpose. With the AC units, the York might have cost less, had more functionality in a certain area, had better support – every situation is unique, but in this case, there’s a reason they didn’t buy a second Trane and put the two together. Of course I’m a bit biased here, but marketing agencies can benefit from having both solutions to present to their clients. After all, it’s what is best for the client that matters.

There are many differences between HubSpot and Lead Liaison. Feature set, price, support, approach, and more. The experience is totally different with each. Public company vs. private company. I certainly would never bash HubSpot, they’re creating great excitement and buzz in the marketplace. We fully believe in our platform and it’s ability to help agencies and clients. We win many of our deals vs. HubSpot, but also know our benefit and fit in the market.

As an agency, don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Make sure you can offer your clients different options. Let them make the decision, but highlight to them the differences between the two offerings. Find the best fit for their company based on their needs. Don’t force a solution down their throat because you make the most money off of it or want to maintain your partnership status. Have options, don’t think selfishly, think about the buyer and what’s best for them – don’t close the door on anything.

If you’re an agency and want to hear more about how we work with agencies and what options you have to complement your current offerings, we’re ready to talk. A qualified partner representative would love to hear from you! Request a demonstration today.