Five Marketing Trends that will Generate Revenue in 2013

Five Marketing Trends that will Generate Revenue in 2013It should come as no surprise that the internet is behind the top five marketing trends allowing businesses to generate more revenue in 2013. The internet is designed to make most business functions more efficient, which in turn will generate more revenue.

These are the top five marketing trends for generating revenue in 2013:

The Power of Social Media

There are billions of people using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites on a daily basis. Few users don’t feel the need to login daily and search what is going on in their online society. One of the biggest new marketing trends is connecting with people directly using a variety of social platforms. By creating engaging content and irresistible offers, it entices potential or existing customers to follow a business or brand. The more followers a company has, the faster their news will spread, and the more potential customers will be reached. If the social media site is created strategically, it should direct potential leads to their website for further lead nurturing and hopefully, conversion.

Save Time & Money with Marketing Automation

In the world of technology, every company should take advantage of more efficient automated systems. Marketing automation takes lead generation and nurturing to the next level by turning it into an automated process that can be customized to individual lead segments.

Qualify Leads with Lead Scoring

A critical component of the marketing automation process is qualifying and scoring leads. Marketers create a list of behavioral and demographic characteristics that define a typical consumer to compare leads against and then cater their marketing efforts based on the profile that has been developed. It also indicates which leads have the highest potential for conversion, so these higher-quality leads can be given to the sales team.

Compelling and Informative Website Copy

Google is increasing their ranking standards and insisting on unique and relevant website copy and blogs. Articles no longer can be saturated with keywords, as a method for climbing to the first page, or the coveted top three spots on Google. One big marketing trend for 2013 will be a greater focus on high-quality website copy that is focused on the consumer’s needs.

Building Stronger, Lasting Customer Relationships

All of the first four trends are designed to strengthen relationships between customers and the businesses they frequent. Social media marketing is designed to connect with consumers on a personal level, marketing automation is used to capture leads that have come in contact with a site for further nurturing, lead scoring builds an in-depth profile of each leads, and quality content builds trust. All of this done to create brand loyalty and build relationships that goes beyond a typical sales pitch, which is the fifth and final marketing trend for 2013.