Create Stronger Copy by Appealing to Customers Instincts

Create Stronger Copy by Appealing to Customers InstinctsWhile everyone knows that with quick-fire mediums such as email or Internet, you need to write catchy headlines and content to engage customers quickly. However, once you’ve got them engaged, it is important to ensure content keeps their attention. However, considering all customers are, after all, human beings, there are a couple of psychological triggers you can take advantage of to start appealing to customers instincts and make sure they pay attention to what you’re trying to communicate.

Need to Belong

As social animals, we naturally gravitate towards and instinctually want to trust large groups. Take advantage of this instinct by making your services or products a part of a group that becomes desirable due to its mere existence. Copy that emphasizes a large number of users you already have implies in itself a level of quality that a lead will naturally want to trust. Strong, positive writing surrounding statements like this will emphasize the inherent value of your services.

Hate the Enemy

Another simple psychological element, uniform across humanity, that can be repurposed to write engaging copy, is our instinctual desire to vilify the enemy, whatever that enemy may be. If your product provides an alternative or a solution to something that people don’t like, then focus on that thing and how your product will eliminate a company’s pain. For example, if your product can eliminate something universally disliked, like long meetings or waiting in line, bring that experience up in your copy. You can get a lot of attention by briefly mentioning something universally reviled. Being reminded of the problem helps remind customers of how badly they want a solution.

Good Story Sells

While the Internet relies on quick information and must take into account short attention spans, a good story still holds a lot of power when communicating value to consumers. A compelling narrative engages customers and will help make your product or service seem distinct. In addition to being a great way to keep your customers attention, it can also have a real impact on how your product or service is valued to individuals. A product with a good story connected to it can actually inflate the perceived value of the object, and can help you sell deals or special offers.

Instant Gratification

Finally, never underestimate the simple power of a quick and easy, instant promise of instant gratification. Human beings are always attracted to the option that will get them what they want right away, and copy that emphasizes your company’s ability to deliver this can be highly effective. Copy that uses words that reinforce this, such as “now”, “fast” or “immediately” help accentuate the promise contained in the copy quickly.

By the subtle integration of these psychological triggers, you can start creating stronger copy by appealing to your customer’s instincts right away. To learn more about how to create effective copy, visit Lead Liaison’s marketing automation resource blog online.