Consumer Engagement is Key to Brand Success

Consumer Engagement is Brand SuccessConsumers aren’t just looking for you to hold their hand throughout the transaction process – they are looking for consumer engagement, the core concept in making trusted transactions happen for your business. Keeping consumers engaged is all about providing them with an experience that they can find informative and trustworthy. That experience should also hold their attention.

The right marketing automation software can help you measure engagement, but unless you have a solid consumer engagement strategy for your brand on the whole, automation isn’t going to give back the kind of helpful data you’re looking for. It’s important to incorporate marketing automation into your overall strategy. The automation itself is not meant to serve as a standalone strategy.

Understanding Consumer Engagement

The first step to engagement is to understand the various methods consumers use to engage. Social media is a big one – you’ll want to target areas on the web where consumers are spending a great amount of passive time. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are easily available via desktop or mobile, allowing you the ability to engage with consumers no matter where they – or you – are. Social media also presents ease of engagement, with the ability to chat so quickly back and forth that the flexibility and power of a chat room can be utilized.

The same holds true for blogs and forums. Even if you’re not engaging directly, you can create contextual ads that give customers the opportunity to find out about you and engage with you in other ways. The Google Adwords Display program is a good example of this. Adwords Display places your ad on relevant blogs and news sites. Customers can engage with you via a text, graphic or video ad.

Tracking Consumer Engagement

Once you have an engagement strategy in place, it’s important to let your marketing automation company do the monitoring, then interpret your data. For instance, you may want to measure social media engagement over time based on what time you’re posting. Your marketing automation service can give you an idea as to what the profile is of your average user, what time Tweets or Facebook posts are most effective and how users are getting to your website based on your social profiles.

Because this is sensitive data that can be critical to your company’s marketing strategy, it’s important to select a marketing automation partner with the right tools – a company with your best interests in mind. Lead Liaison helps businesses stay in line with success through marketing automation tools that work for businesses of all sizes. Visit us at Lead to find out more!