Act-On Pricing

Act-On PricingAre you looking for Act-On pricing? We’ve had several companies recently come to Lead Liaison because they too were looking into Act-On pricing and came on board with us after realizing the details of month to month, contact-centric pricing models. Don’t get us wrong, Act-On is a good company with great funding to back it. But, as a consumer – there are a few things you should be aware of when considering pricing from companies like Act-On.

Simple, yet Complex

On the surface, Act-On pricing seems pretty simple. You get all the software (no editions, versions, etc.) and you pay month to month. The only variable in pricing is the number of unique contacts in the your system. A few companies in the marketing automation space price their software like this. It’s kind of like AT&T, Verizon or any other service provider that charges you based on data and if you go over your data plan – you pay a price for it. Who likes to be capped? I know I was frustrated when AT&T changed my data plan from unlimited to capped. The problem is, with models like the Act-On pricing model your pricing can quickly skyrocket through the roof as your number of contacts go up. It makes it very difficult to balance the marketing budget when costs are unpredictable and could spike or normalize (who knows) on a month to month basis. Consider the value of predictability and known costs for the term of your agreement.

Partner vs. Vendor

It seems a few marketing automation providers offer month to month pricing. It might be the newest fad, kind of like “freemium” (free software, but when you really start to use it you pay for it). It may seem attractive at first, but think about why Act-On pricing and other companies’ pricing is month to month. They run transactional businesses. They need to drive volume. When companies price it month to month they want you as a company, not a customer, in their portfolio to show investors and their board of directors how many new companies they’re working with. When you cancel, do they care? We encourage you to think carefully when you go down the marketing automation path. Like CRM, do you want to choose a CRM vendor you’re going to move away from in 3 to 6 months? We hope not. Since ripping out marketing automation (if you’re using it right) would be counterproductive month to month contract terms shouldn’t even be a consideration. If it is, you might be going about your strategy the wrong way. Choosing a marketing automation provider is a very important and strategic business decision. Marketing automation technology has many operational pieces that integrate  into your processes. Why would you want to hit the abort button in some random month?

At Lead Liaison we focus on being a partner, not a vendor, to our customers. We look to build long term relationships with our clients. We listen to their concerns and feedback then incorporate it into our software. Our customers have helped us build an easy-to-use, powerful revenue generation software platform. It’s our duty to continue to innovate, listen and build our trusted client base.

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