3 Awesome Results from Visitor Tracking

If you’ve been in marketing for any amount of time, you know that Inbound Marketing is all the rage and visitor tracking is a must. That great content on your website doesn’t mean much if you don’t know who’s engaging with it.  But you know that already.

What you may not know is what you can get out of visitor tracking other than simply which pages on your website get the most traffic. When you use a visitor tracking platform like Lead Liaison’s ProspectVision™, you’ll be surprised what you can learn about your prospects, your content, and your campaigns. We’re going to look at some of the awesome results you get from visitor tracking.

Sales Learns What Visitors Care About

Having done B2B sales in the past, I can confidently say that prospecting isn’t fun. What’s worse is that a lot of old techniques aren’t working anymore. Knocking on random doors, smiling and dialing, and sending out cold email blasts isn’t going to get you a meeting. According to this great article at Forbes, only 1% of cold calls result in a deal, and 90% of decision makers don’t take cold calls. So how do you get around that? With a warm call, of course.

The great thing about prospecting from your website is that you know the prospect is already somewhat interested in you. More importantly, you can get in their heads. By seeing where they’ve gone, what videos they watched (or which parts of a video the skipped), and what content they’ve downloaded, you can get a pretty clear picture of what is important to them.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out this video to learn how HRchitect was able to close one of their biggest deals in one of their shortest sales cycles thanks to ProspectVision֭™

Marketers Can Evaluate the Value of the Campaigns

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, visitor tracking is not just for sales people. Marketers can use visitor tracking to rate the effectiveness of their campaigns. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a marketing effort is really worth it. Did the campaign generate any prospects? Did that, in turn, generate an opportunity? Did that opportunity close with a win?

When combined with Marketing Automation like Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation (LMA)™ platform, it’s easy to learn where your precious marketing dollars are best spent. Imagine knowing not just where your prospects came from (organic search, PPC ad, etc.), but which campaigns have brought in the most visitors that later converted to prospects.

Since I help with many of our implementations, I’ve seen marketers be absolutely shocked by some of the things they’ve learned. Recently I was helping a client connect their Google AdWords account to Lead Liaison. Once we’d imported the data and connected it to the appropriate Prospect Profiles, he was shocked. He had spent over $10,000 on one ad campaign which ended up only creating 125 converted Prospects. That was $80 per Prospect with an email he could contact. Needless to say, he reallocated the budget for that campaign to one that was significantly more effective, reducing his cost per prospect from AdWords by about $65.   

You Learn Where Your Website is Doing Great (and What Needs Improving)

Chances are you have decent traffic to your home page. You probably also have at least one or two other pages that are visited at least somewhat frequently. Chances are also that you have content that hasn’t seen the light of day since it was put on your site.

With visitor tracking, you can learn which pieces of content are attracting the most visitors. By figuring out what is and isn’t working, you can continue to tweak your content to fit your user base. That’s the core of Inbound Marketing; delivering quality content that attracts visitors to your website.

You might be thinking “I already know which pages are visited the most and what content my visitors engage the most.” That’s great if you do, but like I said before, solutions like ProspectVision™ do so much more.

For every visitor, we create a prospect profile with a timeline. Even before we know their email and can identify them, we’re watching what they do. Sure, they might still convert with the same piece of content that everyone else seems attracted to, but the might have spent months anonymously poking around other parts of your site. With our timelines, we can show you the steps they took to get to that conversion. This is powerful insight into your prospects’ minds.

I can’t stress this enough: if you don’t have a visitor tracking solution, get one. If you’d like to know more about what ProspectVision™ and Lead Management Automation™ can do, click here for a demo.