New Release from Lead Liaison Makes Lead Scoring Simple and Flexible

Allen, TX (PRWEB) July 15, 2013 – Lead Liaison, one of the fastest growing marketing automation and lead management software providers in the United States, has added another feature to its flagship Lead Management Automation™ (LMA) platform. The company has developed an out of the box lead scoring module that sets point values for common online activities that buyers of business products and services often perform. The powerful combination of Lead Liaison’s off-the-shelf lead scoring with custom lead scoring creates a unique offering to help B2B marketers qualify leads, faster, with less setup and hassle making lead scoring simple.

LMA users now have a complete view of the typical digital activities that contribute to a lead score, such as web page views or opening an email message, which is automatically calculated as a sales lead engages with digital marketing assets. Out of the box point values may be adjusted from preconfigured values assigned to each activity. For example, a web form submission may be assigned a point value of 100 instead of the default 50 by simply clicking the field value for that activity and entering a different value.

“The new feature adds a level of granularity and simplicity that allows marketers and sales people to define which activities should score higher or lower within their unique scoring paradigm,” said vice president of corporate communications Alex Brown. “For some companies email responses may be more valuable than social post engagements. For others it may be the reverse. We built out of the box lead scoring to make the process of setting up lead qualification for sales people flexible and easy. Our clients can choose to use the preconfigured scoring values for common behaviors or customize their own values with our custom lead scoring capability – which has been a smash hit to date.”

Lead scoring is an essential element to lead management practices. Systems such as LMA rely on lead scoring to measure the relevance and interest level of leads within the marketing pipeline and to notify sales agents of leads that deserve attention based on both company attributes and digital footprints. Lead scoring is also one of multiple parameters used by Lead Liaison to calculate lead priority for sales. Instead of a sales team dealing with a ‘flat’ database, they get a prioritized database and benefit from increased efficiency in the sales process.

“Out of the box lead scoring blows away complex lead scoring configuration typically seen in many systems. Those users cannot easily adjust the scoring matrix to suit proprietary models,” said Brown.

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