Lead Nurturing for B2B Marketing

Lead Nurturing for B2B MarketingHave you ever wondered what lead nurturing for B2B marketing is? A successful company expects to have hundreds, even thousands, of visitors on their website each day. If companies setup effective promotional offers, catchy call to actions and dynamic landing pages then there are opportunities to convert approximately 3% of these visitors into known leads (person is identified). The trick becomes converting these leads into revenue. One critical strategy companies should use to increase their lead conversion rate is a well-executed lead nurturing campaign.

A lead nurturing campaign is the bridge that transitions leads from one stage in the buying process to the next. Companies can bridge this gap by sending a series of automated emails to leads intending to educate them and give them a “call to action” which progresses a lead to the next stage. As the lead is directed through the planned stages there should only be subtle suggestions to convert, with the content aimed mainly at building a solid and trusted relationship.

Lead nurturing for B2B marketing is a discipline focused on qualified sales leads that are not currently looking to make a purchase. Consequentially, a successful B2B lead nurturing campaign involves delivering content that has noticeable value and is compelling enough to engage a lead. If it is done well, lead nurturing can build a strong brand and make a company the preferred provider long before the prospect has even begun the buying process. Lead nurturing software allows for qualified sales leads to be tracked, while relevant content is automatically delivered through a variety of proven B2B marketing channels.

One objective of lead nurturing for B2B marketing is to maintain a visitor’s permission to stay in contact with them.  This is the most crucial objective of lead nurturing and without it a company will lose the lead completely. Content has to be catchy and informative to keep the prospect interested. If the lead does not see sufficient value, they will disengage by unsubscribing or by filtering lead nurturing efforts as spam. Recipients can also just ignore or immediately delete the message, which defeats the entire purpose.

Another key of lead nurturing for B2B marketing is providing ideas, information, or points of comparison through strategic education. A potential buyer may not be interested in making a purchase for a while, which means a company has the opportunity to gently persuade them over a longer period of time. During critical lead nurturing periods, content should be used to educate prospects and guide their thinking in the right direction. Content should incorporate specific requirements and ways of viewing the market which will convey thought leadership. This way, once they are ready to buy, they will be convinced that choosing the source behind the useful information they received is the only way to go.

Lead nurturing for B2B marketing is a powerful and effective way to automatically stay engaged with qualified leads. By doing this right, a company can establish buyer preference, recommend solutions related to a specific product and successfully convert leads into sales. This is only possible if the lead nurturing program delivers relevant content that also offers value to the lead and keeps them interested enough to preserve their permission to stay in contact.