Article Spinning: Your Content Dinosaur

Article SpinningRemember those days when you could create an article, run it through an automated article spinning tool or have a writer change up some phrasing, then post that article on your site or the net as an original work? Those were the days before Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, when quantity was often valued over quality. Those days are over, and the right content strategy these days should include original work that is engaging, informative and useful.

Google’s algorithm changes over the past few years have gone into a direction that requires writers to keep engagement in mind. Throwing out piece after piece with the same core messaging just isn’t going to work anymore. It’s better for businesses to approach content creation with more spaced-out, relevant, strategically planned pieces than to throw as much content out there as possible.

Is Article Spinning Google Friendly?

These days, hiring an overseas writer can have its benefits – cost, quantity – but unless a seasoned content writer with English as a native language is creating your content, or your content is heavily edited, you can be assured you’ll eventually face some article monotony and potential Google flags. The days of hiring cheap staff writers to crank out tons of content are over.

Likewise, automated tools that do the article spinning for you are antiquated. It’s suspected that Google’s present algorithms have advanced query strings in mind, so it’s much easier to pick up on spun content.

A Changing Methodology 

Search engine marketers used to say “content is king” – and while this could still be true, we need to elaborate on the expression a bit. Content is king, but useful content that results in user promotion and engagement are truly where it’s at. Hiring a cheap team or grabbing the latest software to use for article spinning just won’t work anymore. A well-rounded content strategy with metrics for tracking engagement and a solid use of your keywords should produce 1-3 blogs a week, rather than multiple articles going all over the internet in the course of a few days.

If you find you can’t meet that content frequency, it makes more sense to produce quality articles over time rather than to crank out the same content over and over again. Part of your content strategy should include targeting. You can post on your own blog or website, but you should also be seeking out social media, guest posting and other content writing opportunities to get a backlink for your site and spread your knowledge.

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