Four Trade Show Tips To Help You Succeed At Your Next Event

There’s no doubt that a trade show or live event can be a great avenue for filling your marketing pipeline with eager, qualified leads. They can be. But will they?

Here’s the thing: whether they will be or not is largely up to you. You can’t leave it to chance and “hope for the best”. So what can you do to ensure you leave your next trade show, the one you will pour so much time, effort and financial resources into, with a bunch of quality leads? Let’s talk about it…

How Will You Stand Out From The Crowd?

Don’t wait until you are at the show to think this critically important topic through. In your quest to succeed at capturing as many eager, interested leads as possible, and turning as many of those as you can into satisfied buyers, be proactive. Prepare thoroughly before the big event starts.

Ask yourself how your company can stand out from other exhibitors at the event. Put yourself in the shoes of your booth’s visitors. Understand them very well. What are their problems, their fears, their frustrations, their aspirations? How can you help them? What problems do they have that you can solve?

Why would they want to stop at your booth? Why would they want to spend time there and engage with your people? What will you do to cause them to remember your brand and want to learn more about your products or services? How will you create buzz and get event attendees talking about you, both at the show and long after?

Assemble your team to brainstorm these questions and formulate powerful answers. Act accordingly as you design your booth, plan your agenda, write your show-related content, and so on.

Here’s a tip to help you stand out in a big way: focus your written messaging, your conversations and your approach on your potential and actual booth visitors. Don’t focus on you, your company and your products, even though they may be awesome. Rather, focus on the solution that you provide. Remember this acronym-WIIFM? It stands for “What’s In It For Me?”. And it is what your visitors are asking themselves when they are determining whether or not to engage with your people at your booth. So tell them what’s in it for them!

Mom Was Right

Yes, your mom was right. First impressions matter. A lot! This goes for the event experience you offer attendees. What impression does your booth staff give to visitors?

Before your big event, train your staff to observe the following rules of trade show booth etiquette:

  • Offer a genuine, sincere, friendly greeting. Make booth visitors feel welcome and important
  • Smile and maintain eye contact
  • Demonstrate open, confident, relaxed, non-threatening body language
  • Listen attentively. Don’t merely keep quiet until it’s your turn to speak, thinking only of what you want to say next. Actively listen to your visitors!

Please do not discount the importance of these tips to your event lead capture success. An unfavorable impression can turn booth visitors off and destroy their interest in buying from your company. But the right impression can have the opposite effect. It can help set the stage for event lead capture and lead management success.

This Barrier Could Cost You Trade Show Leads

You want to make your booth space itself as inviting as possible. Be aware of physical features in your booth that may act like physical or psychological barriers that keep potential visitors from wanting to engage with your team.

Here’s a common example: many booths have a table across the front of the space. This barrier can give an unpleasant “us-vs-them” impression that repels potential visitors, thus costing companies valuable leads.

Before the event, as you are planning the layout and design of your booth, carefully scan for such barriers. Eliminating them just might make your event lead capture results more fruitful.

Here’s a subtle tip that can help you naturally and effortlessly draw visitors inside your booth: if given the choice, choose to make your booth carpet the same color as the aisles in the exhibit hall. This will give the appearance of visual continuity between your booth and the aisle in front of it. Visitors will be more inclined to enter and engage with you.

Help trade show attendees have fun!

According to legendary marketing consultant and author, Dan Kennedy, “People buy more and buy more happily when in good humor”.

So make your booth a fun place! How? First of all, encourage your booth staff to have a fun time themselves. And then have a game. Or a contest. Or a valuable prize giveaway. Tie it all somehow to a prominent theme related to your company’s offering.

The prize putt is a tried and true example of a popular booth game. It’s something that requires little or no skill that even non-golfers can enjoy. Another idea is a roulette or game show-style prize wheel.

These are just two fun examples you might want to consider. The possibilities are endless.

The right decorations, fun games and contests, and a happy, lively attitude oozing from you and your team will go a long way toward giving people the experience they want. You’ll create more buzz, win more attention, attract more engagement, and capture more leads. Here’s a bonus: your leads are likely to remember how much fun they had with you. Could this help you make the sale? It just might!

Do you want to help ensure the lead capture success of your next event? Then you need the right lead capture software. When you leave the event with a lot of new, interested, eager leads, you will need a way to manage them as effectively and profitably as possible. So be sure you have a proven platform such as the cloud-based marketing and sales solutions Lead Liaison offers companies like yours.

We have created a truly user-friendly event lead management solution. We also have many resources to help you prepare for and enjoy the fruits of a very successful event. Want to find out more about what we can do for you? Contact us today!

After the Event: Post-Trade Show Questionnaire

The actions you take after exhibiting at a trade show are equally as, if not more, important than what you did to prepare for it. Following up with prospects in a meaningful way is the top priority. The amount of business you close from the event is likely the most telling sign of a successful trade show. But, that’s not the only way you can evaluate your participation. Another means of evaluation, which is often overlooked, is asking your team what they think about the event, your booth, and your methods. After all, they were the ones in the midst of it. They have first-hand experience about what worked, and what didn’t.

While you aren’t expected to make every change suggested, it’s very helpful to collect input from the team that was onsite or “in the trenches” as they might say. It doesn’t hurt to ask. And you never know! You might be surprised to find some easy changes you could make at your next event to make it even more successful.

This Post-Show Questionnaire is free to download and makes it easy to collect valuable information from your event staff post-show. Its easy-to-read format is perfect for winding down on the plane ride home. We’ve also included the questions below, and why they are important. Add this resource to your trade show process now!

Bonus Hack: If you are using a marketing automation solution with a form builder and landing page builder, consider creating a simple form/landing page to include these questions. That way, all you have to do at the end of each event is send them the link to your survey page. They can take it online and their answers will be recorded for future use.

What was the most useful part of our trade show lead capture form? (i.e. Which questions were most helpful?)

While you probably made it very clear to your team which fields were most important to complete, they undoubtedly gravitated to the ones they felt were most important mid-show. (They are salespeople, after all!) Let them tell you why, while it is still fresh in their head.

What was the least useful part of our trade show lead capture form? (i.e. Which questions were least helpful?)

Make sure you understand which questions become more of a distraction than a helpful prompt. Sometimes our desire to collect ALL THE INFORMATION overpowers our better judgment to keep things simple. Or perhaps you included some custom content in your lead form, like a video demonstration, that not a single booth rep used. Learn more about what you need to eliminate next time around.

Did visitors like our booth? Did it help with engagement, or distract?

Here’s where you can collect great feedback about your booth attractions, displays, banners, demo stations, kiosks, and more. There may be one overly-opinionated booth rep that absolutely hated the demo station, while several other mild-mannered booth reps actually appreciated the ability to show off your solution in real time. Instead of asking this in a group setting, a 1:1 survey helps eliminate the fear of speaking up and will give you a more accurate representation of opinions. 

How do you feel about the location of our booth within the trade show exhibit hall?

Location is everything. Although your location probably depended more on your budget and the time you registered for the event, it’s still helpful to see what others think about the booth you chose. Did your team appreciate being closer to the bathrooms because of the additional foot traffic? Did they hate being towards the front due to the increase in uninterested attendees taking up space?

What would you add to our booth to better present ourselves to trade show attendees?

We’ll ask about specific booth attractions in the next question. For this one, your team should focus on what they recommend adding to your booth next time that adds value to their conversations. Perhaps a demonstration table would have been helpful, or a tall bistro table for better conversations.

Do you have any cool ideas for booth attractions next time?

As your team is winding down from an event, competing booths will be fresh on their minds. What did they see that they thought could be easily incorporated into your booth? The timing of this question is everything. Asking prior to the event might result in lukewarm input. Asking this immediately following the event will elicit feedback that is driven by recent experience. That’s invaluable.

Is there anything else that we should consider bringing to the show to make our team more successful (more power blocks, gum, pain reliever, duct tape, etc.)?

This question can help you build a Trade Show Survival Kit that your booth representatives will appreciate tremendously. It may also help you pair down the kit so that you are only providing things that you know your team will need/want. 

Do you have any feedback about our post-show follow-up, as of now?

This question could be considered premature, but it’s worth asking anyway. If you’ve thoroughly covered your post-show workflow with your team, they will undoubtedly have changes or feedback they want to provide now based on their actual conversations. For example, if you included a follow-up text* sent within minutes of submitting your lead capture form, your team might determine that the text should actually come an hour or two later instead of immediately upon submission. 

Which exhibitor had the best booth at the event and why?

This will help you set your goals even higher for next time. Plus, it will be interesting to see the variety of answers you collect since everyone will have their own unique opinion about it. 

While you were at the show, did you hear of any other shows that you think we should consider attending? Why do you think we should attend?

Event attendees are always buzzing about other events “you have to attend!” Your team may learn of a trade show or conference that wasn’t even on your radar. Or, their feedback may further endorse your current trade show schedule.


Asking your team to complete this questionnaire is only half the battle. Show them that you read their feedback and that you care about their opinions. After collecting everyone’s answers and reading through everything, consider having a team meeting to review common concerns or to clarify anything that seems unclear. Let your team know that their feedback has been heard and that it matters. If this isn’t a key part of your process, you can count on getting fewer and fewer responses as time goes on.

*If you are interested in learning more about an event lead management solution that supports all of the capabilities mentioned above (like the post-show text message), contact us for a demo!

Lead Liaison Press Release

Event Lead Capture and Management That Integrates with Pipedrive

Dallas, TX – Lead Liaison announced this week that they have enhanced their Pipedrive CRM integration capabilities. Pipedrive is the first platform developed from the salesperson’s point of view. Pipedrive’s goal is to make sales success inevitable – for individual sales people and teams.

Lead Liaison offers a suite of sales solutions including event lead capturemarketing automation, and sales automation. Companies using Pipedrive will benefit from this deeper level of integration, as it makes it easier than ever to streamline and automate key steps in the sales process.

“Lead Liaison’s integration with Pipedrive enables our users to make full use out of both solutions,” says Rob Wyse, Vice President of Public Relations at Pipedrive. “Our users can combine all the rich data that Lead Liaison collects, like website activity and social data, and enrich the Person profiles within Pipedrive. Having everything they need in one place is very important for sales teams, and marketers benefit from it because they can push critical engagement data to their sales team without having to lift a finger.”

Lead Liaison’s partnership with Pipedrive was first announced in September 2016. Before today’s announcement, only limited information could be mapped from Lead Liaison to the CRM, and there were no automation options.

Now, all standard and custom fields can flow from Lead Liaison into Pipedrive CRM resulting in a deeper integration. Salespeople can easily create new lead records in Pipedrive from a variety of areas within Lead Liaison’s platform, including custom fields created to match Pipedrive-specific criteria. Those using Lead Liaison’s marketing automation license will also benefit from additional, Pipedrive-specific, automation actions, “Create Person” and “Create Deal.”

Lead Liaison has gained traction in the event lead management space and a lot of the credit is due to their flexibility and integrations. “We recognize that a lot of the time, we work better together,” says Sam Darrell, VP Product Management at Lead Liaison. “At this point, there aren’t many sales and/or marketing solutions that we don’t integrate with.” Because the company planted their roots in automation, they offer a rare level of support for scaling event marketing efforts.

To learn more about the other enhancements Lead Liaison recently made to their Revenue Generation Software™, such as a new Sales Dashboard full of rich analytics, read their Enhancement Round-Up Q1 2019.

About Pipedrive 
Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is the first CRM platform developed from the salesperson’s point of view. Today, Pipedrive is used by sales teams at over 85,000 companies worldwide. Honored as a leading innovative technology company, Pipedrive has offices in Tallinn, London, Lisbon, New York, Tartu, and Prague, and has raised $90 million in funding. Learn more at

About Lead Liaison
Lead Liaison provides cloud-based sales and marketing automation solutions that help businesses accelerate revenue by attracting, converting, closing and retaining more prospects. Filling a void in the small pool of automation providers that focus on marketing-centric functionality, Lead Liaison gives equal focus to sales providing sophisticated visitor tracking and sales automation to boost sales effectiveness. Additionally, Lead Liaison is the global leader in event lead management, enabling companies to capture and manage leads from trade shows and events. Lead Liaison blends ease-of-use, a flexible architecture, deep external integration, marketing across social, web, mobile, email and offline channels and powerful functionality into a single platform, called Revenue Generation Software®. Lead Liaison is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit or call 1-800-89-LEADS (895-3237). To access our Press Kit, visit