VisiStat Inc. vs Lead LiaisonVisiStat Inc. has a nice solution for aggregating website analytics. They do a great job of tracking search words, website visitors, popular pages, search engines and more. However, if you’re looking for more than a website analytics solution Lead Liaison can help. These days visitor statistics aren’t enough and Google Analytics usually provides sufficient website stats for your business. Most small to medium sized businesses need a complete lead management system that includes B2B visitor tracking as a feature, not a focus, of a holistic sales and marketing software platform that complements CRM systems.

Many companies choose Lead Liaison over solutions like VisiStat. because of our ability to provide lead management, lead capture, lead qualification, lead conversion, lead generation and lead nurturing capabilities natively in a single package. The breadth of our offering is very unique but is not the only strength of our software. We take visitor tracking to the next level by providing true real-time analysis of B2B traffic accessible via any website browser or our desktop application. We enable companies to see what businesses are on their website at any given moment, what pages they’re looking at and engage in real-time chat sessions – ideal for inside sales teams. Our deep integration with leading people and company data as a service (DaaS) providers allows Lead Liaison to tap into rich sets of data on over 200 million businesses and 35 million professionals to further enrich B2B visitor stats. No other company offers this level of native integration.

Why You Need More than VisiStat

Tracking website stats won’t grow your business; however, Revenue Generation Software™ will. Start taking advantage of Lead Liaison’s software to drive more leads to the top of the sales funnel and shorten sales cycles by accelerating prospects through the pipe. Experience the power of Revenue Generation Software™ for visitor statistics similar to VisiStat and many more features of our platform!

We invite you to see a different solution from VisiStat Inc. and encourage you to learn more about Lead Liaison by speaking with one of our Revenue Success Managers.

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