Revenue Generation Software Use Cases

Revenue Generation Software Use CasesThe next series of posts you’ll see from Lead Liaison articulate various use cases for revenue generation software. Revenue generation software is unique in the marketplace as it ties together marketing automation, sales prospecting, lead generation and inbound marketing solutions together into a single platform. The elegance of these platforms is in the integration and ease of use. Below is a list of use cases we will highlight and link back to as we build out content for this series. As new use cases arise, we’ll add them to this page with a respective link. We’d love to hear from our readers, our customers and users of similar types of software – what use cases have you found beneficial to you, your team and/or your organization? To date, we’ve captured 36 use cases. Please post your feedback below and keep checking back as we continue to grow the list of revenue generation software use cases.

36 Use Cases for Revenue Generation Software

  • Align sales with marketing teams
  • Automatically qualify leads for sales
  • Easily send personalized email campaigns and send email on behalf of sales
  • Turn your website into a sales person
  • Automatically nurture leads on behalf of sales
  • Automatically identify buy signals for sales
  • Automatically triggering communications based on events – creating a dialogue
  • Segment your marketing database based on a contacts interaction with your marketing assets
  • Pass only the best leads to sales
  • Automatically distribute leads to sales
  • Reduce and unify data entry with full CRM integration
  • Measure effectiveness of your web pages or forms
  • Better understand who responds to outbound marketing
  • Create landing pages without IT involvement
  • Create web forms without IT involvement
  • Automatically track web form submissions
  • Track a prospects past, current and future online activities
  • Jump into inbound marketing with a blogging platform
  • Efficiently hand off leads from a vendor to a manufacturer’s rep firm
  • Marketing can automate processes for sales
  • Get a higher return on your marketing content
  • Measure return on your search engine marketing investments
  • Get an automated platform for your team. Finance, sales, supply chain and HR has one!
  • Find new leads on a daily basis
  • Focus on leads who really are interested in your solutions
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Improve sales prospecting
  • Increase interaction with your prospects
  • Shorten response time to hot prospects
  • Know when a prospect is thinking about your solutions
  • Real-time notification of leads
  • Measure the impact of a sales meeting
  • Inside sales qualifying for outside sales
  • Knowing your prospect’s competitors, then selling to them
  • Know where executives should travel
  • Understand how competitor’s view your company

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