What Does a Marketing Automation Platform Cost?

Marketing Automation CostAlthough marketing automation is one of the most rapidly growing segments within the business software industry, there is still tremendous room for growth. If your organization is considering the implementation of marketing automation in the near future, you might wish to know how much of a budget you should set aside before beginning a search for the right program. There are numerous marketing software pricing plans and models. Below, we explore the various factors affecting marketing automation platform costs.

The question of how much a marketing automation platform costs is one that many marketers often ask. It should be understood that the cost of a marketing automation platform will vary based on a number of factors. While there are some open-source marketing automation platforms that may at first appear to be free, most such platforms have a certain cost of ownership. Generally speaking, prices for marketing automation software will be based on the following factors:

  • Number of prospects, which is how we refer to contacts at Lead Liaison
  • Edition (whether you choose standard, professional, or enterprise)
  • Third-party services that connect to the platform
  • Number of emails sent per month
  • Number of unique active contacts per month

Additionally, there could also be other plug-ins or add-on fees. Examples include fees for APIs or other third-party services that connect to the platform. Extra fees may be based on the following features:

  • CRM integration
  • Number of users
  • Training
  • Feature add-ons, SEO, social media management, content management plug-ins, SPAM analysis, email deliverability testing, customized landing page URLs, dedicated IP addresses, etc.

Each of these factors should be taken into careful consideration before choosing a marketing automation package to ensure the package you select is in line with both your budget and your needs. In addition, consider the size of your organization as well as scalability for growth.

On the low end, a small to mid-sized package will typically begin at about $300 per month. However, it should also be noted that pricing can range up to about $4,000 per month for higher-growth companies.

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