Alternatives to Optify

Alternatives to OptifyOptify hit a brick wall in Q4 2013 and closed their doors. That’s unfortunate for the approximately 1,000 companies that currently have Optify installed on their website and are not using a marketing automation solution. We hate to see businesses close shop, but at the same time we’re delighted to offer new opportunities to former Optify clients. The good news is that former Optify customers have alternatives to Optify that they can choose from.

Lead Liaison provides a powerful alternative to Optify with our marketing automation platform. Former Optify clients can make a smooth transition to Lead Liaison through our “easy to use, easy to buy” philosophy.

Marketing agencies can also make a smooth migration from Optify to Lead Liaison with our marketing automation for agencies solution.

Lead Liaison is a cost effective alternative to HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo and other similar solutions. The platform offers all the same features you’ll see in the aforementioned solutions with a handful of innovative features never seen before in marketing automation, such as content creation, multi-channel marketing, and a robust application programmers interface.