Sessions Tracking Solved!

Sessions Tracking Solved!

How to accurately scan attendees into sessions when hundreds to thousands of people could be flowing through the door when it opens. Many organizations have the need to track and record which attendees are attending sessions so they can award continuing education credits and other meetings just want to track who attended which session. Problem solved using one of Lead liaison’s latest feature updates:

Rapid Scan!

When Rapid Scan is enabled in the app a door monitor is able to quickly scan the badge of everyone who enters without any additional steps like hitting submit or answering questions in the normal lead retrieval screen. Simply focus the camera on the badge, beep and move on to the next badge. The app will continue scanning until the submit button is pressed at which point all of the scanned data will be uploaded into the system. Quick and accurate! 

Need to report if an attendee stayed for the entire session?

Event managers can also scan badges using rapid scan as they exit the room and the system will time stamp both the entrance and exit of the attendee. 

The system makes it easy to report which attendees were in which sessions because the Lead liaison software OneFocus creates an “attendee journey” in their profile so an event manager can easily see and export each session attended. We also integrate with many different software platforms if you want to have an automatic sync of the data. 

Short on staff?

The app can also be configured for kiosk mode which will allow an attendee to scan as they enter the room. If the attendees are trained that they need to scan in and out to be awarded the continuing education credit then rest assured they will make sure to scan properly. 

Contact Lead liaison today to learn more about how easy it is to track your session attendance using rapid scan in the Lead liaison app.

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