Donor-Member Automation – Creating Lasting Relationships

Donor-Member AutomationAlways Add Value.  Always say Thank you.

These are two messages that we are taught throughout life.

Most non-profits want to meet these simple expectations, but time and limited resources often make it challenging to do so.  It’s always easy to make time for the million dollar donor if you are lucky enough to have them.  However it’s much harder to put the same kind of effort into the $50-100 donors that are the life-blood of many non-profits.

Worse yet, these small donors often lack a sense of community with the charities they support.  Thus, in future years when donors are tightening their finances… it’s very easy not to provide gifts that were distributed in previous years.

Member-donor automation is a blessing for the non-profit world.  A well-organized donor processing system can save your organization untold dollars while also creating a path of value and inclusion to your donor-members community.

The process is simple:

  • Build an on-going individual profiles of each donor-member based on demographics and behaviors
  • Customize messaging that can be set out to individuals that care about a specific topic
  • Share a sense of “thanks” for their involvement with your charity & provide a deep understanding of the value which their involvement has had in your mission.  Not just when it’s time to ask for donations; but throughout the life cycle of the donor member.

The advantages of having a donor-member process range from organization to organization, but almost always include:

  • Freeing up internal staff resources
  • Increasing the base of the donor-member community; and average gift size
  • More passionate donor-members that will evangelize and grow the mission of the organization

The concept of donor-member automation process is relatively new; but something that all progressive non-profits should investigate as a way to better support their mission and the involvement of their community.   If you would like a free assessment of how a donor-member automation process might help your organization please contact us with attention to our non-profit group and we would be happy to share our experience with you. Feel free to also reference our section and support for nonprofits.