Lead Tracking Evaluation Checklist

Lead Tracking Evaluation ChecklistDemonstrations often times go off on tangents causing an evaluator to lose track of what matters. We’ve all sat through those demos that go round and round and occasionally go off topic. Regardless of which way a demonstration goes, it’s important to stay focused on the critical areas. Here’s a checklist for you to follow when evaluating lead tracking solutions:

Lead Tracking Evaluation Checklist:

  • I see how we can quickly gather business intelligence information
  • This system allows sales to easily find people to contact
  • This system allows sales to easily find people to contact
  • We know exactly when someone is “checking us out”
  • This system integrates with our CRM
  • Marketing can measure ROI of their marketing campaigns
  • We know exactly who the person is

We’ll be updating this post shortly with a download link for a more detailed one page document which adds more color to the abbreviated lead tracking evaluation checklist mentioned above. We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. What are evaluation criteria have you used? What is important to you in a lead tracking solution?

Interested in a demo of Lead Liaison’s lead tracking capabilities? Feel free to contact us and we’ll give you one.

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