Lead Scoring Solutions Guide

Solutions GuideLead scoring solutions are an automated way to qualify leads. Lead Liaison’s Lead Scoring Solutions Guide serves as a cheat sheet to help organizations gain a better understanding of what lead scoring is and how it can be used. Example lead scoring models and parameters are provided to help spark ideas for your own scoring programs. Use the embedded viewer below or download the solutions guide using the “Download” link directly below the viewer.

“B2B marketers who emphasize lead volume over lead quality reduce sales efficiency, increase campaign costs, and fuel the gap between sales and marketing. To generate qualified demand, marketers need technology and processes that capture lead quality information; validate, score, and classify leads; develop programs to nurture leads that don’t yet warrant sales attention; and define metrics that directly identify marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline and closed leads.” – Laura Ramos, Forrester Research

From the Lead Scoring Solutions Guide you will learn:

  • What is lead scoring
  • Types of lead scores
  • How lead scoring is implemented
  • What analysts say about lead scoring solutions
  • How to create lead scoring models
  • How to measure ROI using lead scoring
  • 10 tips to optimize lead scoring
  • What lead scores to consider when building your rules

Download (PDF, Unknown)