Best Practices for Transcribing Business Cards and Contact Information

Best Practices for Transcribing Business Cards and Contact Information

Companies struggle finding easy and fast ways to transcribe contact information from documents such as business cards, trade show badges, resumes, and handwritten notes. In this article we discuss these solutions and examine the trade-offs for why you would use one method over the other.

Lead liaison invented two proprietary methods of transcription which are far superior than traditional optical character recognition (also known as “OCR”) methods commonly used today. These methods are called:

Human AI and Pure AI

Both are very distinct methods that have their own advantages. Relative to standard OCR, the methods have a 63% higher accuracy rate. OCR is an older technology that does not learn from its mistakes (no machine learning) and uses hard-coded programmatic code that doesn’t adapt. It typically runs inside an app and on a device, making it inflexible. As a result, OCR is hard to update and has quickly become irrelevant when compared to other methods.

“I’ve used OCR apps from the App Stores and they always frustrate me. I tried dozens of them, over and over, really looking for the right solution. I determined they’re not very accurate, constantly require fixing and tweaking, lack integration with sales and marketing systems, and don’t fit the needs of marketing teams. They’re meant for individual sales people who have time on their hands to correct data – says nobody. Our engineering team pounded the innovation drums giving us industry-leading solutions that fit numerous use cases. We’re super excited to introduce our newest method, which we call Pure AI.”

Lead liaison CEO Ryan Schefke

Lead liaison’s study of 10,687 business cards and documents requiring transcription determined standard OCR was accurate 60.34% of the time. In comparison, Lead liaison’s methods were 98.6% accurate on average. That’s a 64% improvement in accuracy resulting in better quality contact information, more precise lead data, and improved lead management workflows.


Lead liaison’s classic method, known as Human AI, uses an operations team of several hundred people. The workforce transcribes the contact information while artificial intelligence processes the data to find matching information and discards bad information. The result is a highly accurate process ideal for multiple use cases.


The second, and newest method, is called Pure AI. Pure AI uses a sophisticated process that combines machine learning, image analysis, data intelligence, and artificial intelligence to perform its magic. The best method for your business depends on your use case.

In the tables below we’ve highlighted six (6) use cases for transcribing contact information from documents, all of which Lead liaison supports. If you need help transcribing business cards, badges, or handwritten notes at trade shows or marketing events Lead liaison can help. Similarly, if your company does door-to-door sales or has sales processes that use contact cards in any form, we can help. Whatever you use, ditch OCR as it’s a thing of the past. Use Human AI or Pure AI to leap into the next generation of transcription.




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