6 Benefits of Using QR Codes

6 Benefits of Using QR Codes

QR codes were first invented in the 1990s by a company called Denso Wave to track their vehicle manufacturing process. Just like NFC and RFID, tracking items was what QR codes were primarily used for. But, all of that has changed as QR codes were simply just ahead of their time.

Marketing teams have enthusiastically embraced QR codes around the world and are now using dynamic QR codes in all kinds of applications. Unlike static QR codes with fixed and unchangeable information, dynamic QR codes can be continually updated with new content, without issuing a new image. 

What Are QR Codes?

A QR code (short for “quick response” code) is a two-dimensional, matrix barcode that contains a matrix of dots. It can be scanned using a QR scanner or a smartphone with a built-in camera. Once scanned, software on the device converts the dots within the code into numbers or a string of characters. For example, scanning a QR code with your phone might open a URL in your phone’s web browser.

QR codes let people use their smartphones to conveniently and quickly link to your opt-in page. 

Here are some noticeable benefits of using QR codes: 

1: Huge variety of linkable resources

QR Codes can be linked to a wide variety of information. This includes sharing videos, increasing social media engagement, getting app downloads, or sending users to a specific landing page. QR codes can be used for various different purposes, so it is important to know your goal before incorporating a QR code into your campaign.

Ask yourself, what the purpose is. Is it to build an email list? Is it to get more people to visit your website and learn more about your solutions? Is it to increase your social media following?

2: Freedom of use

One of the most prominent benefits of using QR codes is that you can place them virtually anywhere, be it digitally, ie: a web page, or a printed pamphlet.

Be creative about where you place QR codes. Some examples include:

  • In store display signage to build your email list by directing people to your opt-in page
  • As part of a business-oriented scavenger hunt
  • Integrated into trade show displays
  • Background of your Youtube channel
  • On your LinkedIn profile
  • On your company’s printed marketing materials
  • On your printed business cards

3: QR Codes can be customized to convey your brand

QR Codes offer broad options for customization. By using Lead liaison’s Custom QR Code Builder, each QR Code can be styled with custom frames, logo, brand colors and a unique CTA (call to action). This goes hand in hand with your other marketing efforts to promote personalized communication and foster your overall brand image. 

4: Perceived exclusivity of QR codes

Aside from the convenience and ease of using mobile devices to scan QR codes, consumers are drawn to the perceived exclusivity.

While anyone can read an ad or view a billboard, not everyone can take advantage of a special QR code deal – only those with phone-in-hand can get in on the secret. The mystery and intrigue of what awaits behind the code combined with this “insider” feel is a powerful incentive for users to scan the code.

5: Effective way of building an email list

Marketers around the world are using QR codes to seamlessly build their email lists. A great way to build your email list is by offering something to the subscribers in return. This can be anything from a coupon code to an informative e-book download.

In order to download the e-book or access the coupon code, your users would need to scan the QR code and insert their email in a webform, which would then redirect them to the designated landing page hosting the content.

6: Mode of capturing user feedback

You can use QR codes to capture real-world opinions from in-person transactions and events.

It is a good alternative to online follow-ups, for which you need access to customers’ personal details. Utilize QR codes for survey types such as CES, CSAT, NPS, and others.

With the convenience provided by QR codes, a customer doesn’t have to follow a process of registration or signing in to provide feedback. A simple scan and filling out of form data is all they have to do. This makes it easier for customers to use QR codes, but also encourages others to provide feedback as well.


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